91% in BA is just obscene! (On the vulgar way of marking at GGSIPU)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is one of the state universities in Delhi which offers a variety of normal and professional courses to students pursuing bachelors and masters. Several colleges have got affiliation from the university and scores of students pass out each year with their bachelors and masters degrees.

The issue is that their marks are, if translated into graphs, like sky-scrappers against the students from JNU or DU which appear as slum dwellers with no concept of roofs! I did my masters from the university and got more than 80% marks in journalism. Though I have no doubt over my academic abilities but still, 84% is way too much.

Today, the university published the results for the first semester students and some got as much as 90.8% and 90.5% in bachelors of journalism and mass communication. Some securing as much as 100 and 99 in practical papers. However, I have no doubts over the abilities of students getting these marks, I have issues with the way they are marked.

This wreaks vulgarity and obscenity in terms of marking scheme. The university might be able to project itself as having students with ‘exceptional’ students (who secure 90% regularly) with Einstenian abilities but it speaks badly for the credibility.

It has happened that people won’t believe that you got so much of marks in a paper from humanities stream where subjective questions are asked and there is a lot of scope however you express yourself.

There is, perhaps, a race of being the ‘best’ college with the most ‘talented’ students which has given birth to such ludicrous system of evaluating student. This harms the students in the long term and injects a false sense of belief that they have ‘exceptional’ abilities which they just don’t.

Almost all the universities including the best from India, JNU and DU, give marks in the range of 55-65% to the best of the students and there are only a few students in decades which score with distinction of 75%. But at GGSIPU, whosoever takes pains to just appear, perhaps, gets a distinction!

This scheme of marking inflates the ego of students, who somehow believe the marks in these exams are the only and the best way of their evaluation. They realise the futility and, mostly, this ridiculously high marks’ fetish when they step outside this university to seek admission at other university or apply for an academic job elsewhere.

I have seen my batchmates and seniors at GGSIPU, unable to speak for two minutes on any topic or write an essay in acceptable English, getting 80% in Masters regularly. All they do is to vomit whatever the teacher has said/projected/gave as notes. They have no knowledge of most of the things they vomit either when they write or even after they have written.

The sorry state of affairs is that they are unable to explain the why and how of whatever they have written. They remember their notes but seldom have the knowledge of it.

This ‘remembering without the knowledge of the subject’ is the problem which the country is set to face gravely in coming years. A country where Macaulay screwed up the whole education system is still not realising the importance of knowledge rather is still heavily dependent of the theoretical memorisation.

The quality of education is going down the drain and universities are happily helping the cause just to have a false feeling of having the ‘exceptional’ brains who score in eighties regularly.

This molestation of education system must be stopped and the students be made to realise the importance of knowledge rather than feeling happy about a certain percentage of marks which they, in no sane way, deserve.

The students have a right to know their actual abilities and they should know where they stand. This misguided ego boost is not going to help either the students or the cause of professional education.


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