The word Chutiya: Meaning, origin, usage described

Over the years I have found the word ‘chutiya’ (it doubles up as an independent expression as well) to be very versatile to use.

Chutiya denotes a degree of stupidity beyond one’s comprehension hence used as a replacement for the word fool or a stupid, moron who cares less about who he is and goes on living the life as such.

Chutiya’s second meaning is a colossal arsehole who looks for reasons to screw people around without any good reason hence replaces the word arsehole (popularly called asshole) or as refined people like me call them asshats.

Chutiya’s third meaning is closer to ‘kameena’ of Hindi. He knows what he is doing but gains a sadistic pleasure from that negativity.

In linguistics (basically Hindi), its has two words derived from it: 1- chutiyaap which denotes the various acts that a chutiya does; 2. chituyaapaa which means the stupidity that chutiyaas emit from their chutiyaap, fundamentally it is an adjective derived from ‘chutiyaap’ which itself is an adjective of chutiya. in Hindi that word is called ‘pra-visheshan.

Recently, Vishal Bhardwaj in his film Ishqiya, used another chemical form of the word: Chutiyum Sulphate or ChSO4 where ‘Ch’ is the scientific expression for the element ‘Chutiyum’. You won’t find any element with the symbol ‘Ch’ on the periodic table as it is not a chemical thing but more of behavioral in nature.

It combines with Sulphur and Oxygen (I tell you SO2 stinks, just remember that stink when you enetered the Chemistry lab in class 11th, it was Sulphur Dioxide) to provide with a behaviour that stinks.

I am experimenting to find some more suitable explanations in other subjects of human interest.

Janhit me jaari


2 thoughts on “The word Chutiya: Meaning, origin, usage described

  1. I understand that it’s a Bhojpuri word used for a stupid and has nothing to do with vagina. A very religious ‘bhaiya’ once sang a song” chutiyan ke nahi baste hai gaon “… and to my objection he explained that it’s not a bad word.
    Like gando and gaanda is paagal in Gujarati. It has no co-relation whosoever with the bums…. or ga***d

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