Why the hell do you get angry?

So there are rape happening in the country! That too in the capital!! Oh God!!!

Police is sleeping… Government is doing nothing… Ask the Commissioner to resign… Where are our leaders?

Let’s go on streets and protest to ‘wake ’em up’ and show our anger!

Government is prompt. Closes down Metro stations as if mocking, “What will you do now?” People are angrier and now start opposing the move by government to close down the metro stations!

Who are you kidding ladies and young men? Why can’t you see that media is manipulating you because it has nothing else to do. Though, I have no issues with highlighting the issue but c’mon, every single day ghastlier rapes take place in this very NCR and all around the country.

Why do you get angry when you see that on TV? Why the sudden revolutionary inside you comes out on horses with eight legs when you are shown something forcibly? I read newspaper and there is at least four stories related to rape every single day.

What is there to blame? Why do you think police should get inside each and every nook and corner of the society? What about the uncles, brothers and fathers raping the girls inside the houses? Do you want a police personnel inside each of the bedrooms?

The thing is no one can take guarantee that there won’t be crime in a society. Even if the proportion of police and people is one for each, it can never be prevented.

Coming to the main issue: your misguided and catalysed anger that you suddenly show on streets and, mostly, on free Internet space. See how it works: there is a rape (everyday there are many), the news editor is bored of the same political equations, IPL controversies, Digvijaya saying something idiotic… News editor is looking for that ‘breaking news’ which is not there.

Well, let’s create a breaking news. Pick a story from the inside pages of newspaper or the one which was filed by a junior reporter resting in trash can, use the negative adjectives, show incompetence of the authorities as if this was the most brutal thing to happen (which it is but their intention is wrong), run interrogatory voice over with text in red…

And voila, you have the attention of the nation. You have the young men and women running down the streets. You have status messages and pictures of protests on the whole social media. You have a whole angry nation.

That girl is nothing but a lottery. Her news has just beaten the odds of that hour when there was nothing to show.

Let me tell you (aah, you already know it but get excited each time) media is playing with you. There is nothing wrong in protesting but I have an issue with your ignorance of the larger picture. I pity your thinking abilities and rationale which wakes up when someone (other than you) negatively jolts it.

I do nothing. I don’t protest. I don’t abuse the state. I don’t ask the politicians to resign. I don’t want the head of the commissioner.

I want a grown up society which knows itself and doesn’t get moved away in euphoria created for TRPs. Maturity in thoughts, in exercising your vote (or no vote), sensitising your fellow being, asking yourself if it is you who is thinking or a media baron on your behalf… This is what is needed.

State is big. It can do anything. It just lacks will and your protests will be futile because it is not you going there but sheepish mass of which you are a part.

I know it is highly theoretical but it is more rational than pelting stones on the people you yourself have elected.


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