Our generation needs a Buddha

Today, I was invited to judge (I am not sure whether they are confused I know something or just easily accessible) a discussion on two filmmakers: Christopher Nolan and Imtiaz Ali.

The funny thing, all of them present had no idea how to go about critically evaluating a film or related things. Some had good knowledge but no one would ask appropriate questions. The sad part is students just accept whatever is said by the peers. They don’t challenge.

They don’t want to come out of their comfort zones until some kicks them out of it. Thinking dream to be something non-existent and considering all that is happening is reality was like a line etched in stone. (We were discussing Nolan’s Inception)

It is always good to even think of stupidest things and argue it out. That challenges your thinking process and you enrich yourself.

Here, I remember a story about Buddha where he is walking with his disciple Anand and comes a man. He asks, “Does God exist?” Buddha asks him, “What do YOU think?” He replies, “I think, He does exist.” Buddha says, “Well I don’t think so. God doesn’t exist. It’s all a hokum.”

On the way, there comes another man with same question to which Buddha asks again, “What do YOU think?” He says, “I think, God doesn’t exist.” Buddha says, “Young man, I believe God does exist. He is everywhere.”

And another man meets him on the way a bit later. He asks the same question and Buddha asks him about his own belief to which he replies, “I am not sure…” Buddha says, “Sir, even I have no idea whether God exists or not! I myself is looking for Him!”

Anand was listening all the way and got curious and asked, “O Teacher, why did you give three answers to the same question. Buddha smiled and said, “Look, all the three had their deep rooted beliefs and all I did was to challenge it. Had I answered them whatever they wanted to hear, their search will end right there. I enabled them to examine for themselves and see both the arguments. I just made them more curious, gave them a violent jerk and made them look outside their shell.”

So, the moral of the story is to keep challenging yourself and weigh in what’s good or bad. There is no Buddha today and even if there is there are minute chances of meeting him. Don’t wait for someone to give you that violent jerk.

If you want to grow, you ought to kick yourself and think a thought that stirs up your whole thinking process.


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