Movie review: Aurangzeb is a confused film


Aurangzeb brings to us a filmmaker who is confused, an editor with very limited sense of editing, an actor who apparently had so much potential but has done useless acting, a story which is not worth a minute more than an hour and overall a waste of time.

The story is simple but director, in God knows what attempt, tries hard to make it twisted as if more the twists more the interest. The story starts off well and then so many unwanted characters to justify the unwanted parts of story keep popping in and out ruin it.

Someone should say Arjun Kapoor that he need not look the same as a gangster/mawali in two films let alone be the wasted son of a business tycoon. You walk with a needless swagger, deliver dialogues as if someone has informed you that no matter what you are the actor and all you do is the best. It is so much forced and repetitive that you will be annoyed after 30 minutes.

Rishi Kapoor is the only one utilised properly. Other actors have acted good as well. Jacky Shroff is unable to leave any impression. He looks less of a business tycoon with an illegal empire and more of a nawaab who is a regular visitor to ‘kotha’ with all his made-up face.

Many scenes have been cut short without any need. Some scenes are boringly long without any significance. Some sequences are not needed to establish the character as bad. Rishi Kapoor’s son is a bad cop and to prove that the filmmaker has made him kill two people and let his son in law see both the murders.

It is also weird that a fan that moves around (from left to right) waits for the character to enter and fan away some papers only in his presence who goes on to pick it and keep it in an open safe that contains the dark secrets of police!

There are many flaws and film is too predictive. One character is seen saying the same dialogue ‘ye mere papa ki 25 saal ki mehnat hai’ at least five times in the movie.

The moment you believe the movie is finished and you can leave the place, filmmaker amazes you with another pointless sequence.

The fake sense of morality, totally impractical, that ‘I am not going to kill my uncle but will submit the evidence against him to vigilance after showing him the pen drive and thinking that even if he shoots me I won’t retaliate’ is just weird.

This defeats the purpose of the film: let truth and honour prevail. The whole interplay of morality is misplaced and totally utopian. This doesn’t happen and anyone, however a big idealist he is, won’t try to get killed when he is holding an evidence which will prove his father’s innocence that he has been trying for last so many years.

Music is disappointing on both the fronts: songs and background score. I don’t think there was any requirement of the songs in the movie. The songs used are not good enough and doesn’t gel well with the film.

Action choreography and shooting sequences are almost from the 70s with no innovation. The action was neither realistic nor gravity-defying. It was a confused action choreography.

The whole film is confused. Be it the direction, treatment of story, acting, choice of the look of the actor, editing, music, choreography or the story itself.

It is, at most, a one time watch but I would advice you to stay indoors, save your money and fluids and bad words from your friends. Wait for some good movie to release.


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