The politics of resignation

There is a news that Srinivasan might resign tomorrow at the BCCI meet. Very well. And people are already happy about it.

But when they are asked to zoom out and get some perspective and asked why they will be happy? They won’t have many answers. We are just happy because someone has resigned as there was a call for his resignation.

That happens a lot of time in the political arena. ‘He should resign, she should quit…’ But what after that. No one is concerned if anything happens after that.

We are just happy to see the guy resign. Who will be the next, how will the BCCI run, will there be any change in their constitution, how will they check on the fixing, what about those two guys ho resigned, what about Rajeev Shukla who resigned???

Doesn’t matter. Media will give you a cause for something else. Another 24 hour obsession. Another weird, non-story will be run over and over again and again we will call for some commissioner’s, politician’s, doctor’s or anywho’s resignation.

That’s the way it works in this country.


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