Movie Review: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is one of the better movies this year

02cp_Yeh-Jawaani-H_1473843fDirected by : Ayan Mukerji; Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapur, Kalki Koechlin; Music by: Pritam; Cinematography: V. Manikandan; Editing by: Akiv Ali; Rating: ***1/2

Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani is one of the better films of this year (out of total 52 released as yet). We are already in to the sixth month and seen some pathetic movies that were a pain to watch. And the number of such movies have been multiple times more than the good ones (or even the average films). We have had likes of Murder 3, Zila Ghaziabad, Nautanki Sala, 3G and at least 10 others which were supposed to be good but turned out utter disasters.

Anyway, coming to Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, the film is about four friends trying to figure out lives in their own ways. It starts with a reunion where Ranbir, Kalki and Aditya plan a trip to Manali and Deepika (an old studious classmate from school) joins them at the last minute. The film then moves around all the four, especially Deepika and Ranbir, discovering their own lives and philosophies.

It is a romantic film with a great soundtrack. The music, by Pritam (assuming it is his original work given his reputation), is four star. Lyrics are good and meaningful and at the same time ‘not boring’. Music is alive and kicking. It keeps you going when needed. The use of songs to express the emotions that the character is going through has been used beautifully. But at the same time there are songs which, awesome to hear, give jerks to the flow of story.

Film brings back the simplicity of the late 90s. It doesn’t have anything pompous or forced just because it has a big star in it. It is a very simple film with some good jokes which gel well with the overall set up.

All the four actors, barring Aditya Roy Kapoor, have looked natural. Kalki might sound awkward due to her language problem but she has done her best. Ranbir and Deepika have portrayed their parts very well. Be it tense moments where they are both struggling to convey their inside or the romance that comes to life in Udaipiur, they have given their best.

Deepika’s expressions throughout the film has been impeccable. She plays a simple girl trying to break free yet remain grounded even when she likes Ranbir, exactly her opposite, who just wants to ‘fly, run and fall but never stop.’

Director Ayan Mukherjee (Wake Up Sid fame) has used the resources well and is able to bring out the best from the actors, cameraman, music director, choreographer and others to bring us a good movie.

The dialogues have been written nicely and spoken well. At times they are deep and philosophical. Simple words with meaning embedded in to them. They represent the conflict that goes inside the mind and being of our generation. The conflict of the ‘modern, open and forward looking’ aspirations as against the family values and sticking to our own culture. None of them is wrong but they are different.

The protagonists choose different paths and are happy in their own, opposite, ways. And as the universal law says, “opposites attract,” they actually do in the movie. It teaches us that one can never get everything done in this life. There are things that you lose, that you have to leave behind, that you don’t need to regret doing and there are things that one should do if there is a chance. But knowing where to stop and switch tracks is equally important. One should be able to control one’s own life and it shouldn’t be the other way round.

The camera captures all these words nicely. The frame compositions are good with shots speaking for themselves. Having been picturised in different parts of the world, cinematographically it is very appealing. The wedding sequence, the songs & dances, the subtle emotional exchanges translated in physical actions, all of them look good and steady.

Some of the dances stand out and choreography needs to be mentioned separately. Ghaghraa (farah Khan), Balam pichkaari, Badtameez dil, and Dilliwali girlfriend (all three by Remo D’Souza) have all been choreographed nicely. All the moves are fresh and makes you dance inside your body. Madhuri brings back memories that we associate with her. Ranbir sizzles in all the songs. Dipika gets the kudos for Balam pichkaari and Dilliwali girlfriend.

The only problem that the film has is the editing. There are certain sequences which appear forced or misplaced. The character speaks about the loss of his father and how he feels about it. Then he returns home and goes in to flash back remembering his dad. This sequence comes as a boring, unrequired part which was already conveyed by the dialogues. It is like a repetition using two different media.

The film is compact in first half, it keeps the pace good till the final 30 minutes happen. The last 30 minutes drag the story in an attempt, which was not required, to show a different things that Ranbir does. Going back to family, wooing his lady love, connecting with friends and stopping from the wild run he had. It is all understood. The only thing that was worth keeping was the proposal to Deepika and saying he didn’t go to Paris.

To show him going to airport, coming back to home, the flash back, proposing, celebrating new year with friends is like too much of happiness happening all at once.

Overall, this movie is one of the complete movies worthy of praise this year with its execution of story, cinematography, choreography and music. This is surely worth a watch. Commercially speaking, it should be able to touch 80-95 crores.


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