Learning times: Teaching at IP university colleges

Teaching is such a nice experience at any college of IP University, that is unparalleled. I have been a student and now a teacher.

Today, as luck would have it, a ‘kewl dood’ was flipping something when I was discussing Food Security Bill. When I asked him about it, he, in all his attitude (however hollow and fake it was), with a certain sense of pride replied: “Mujhe nahi pata, mai nahi janta!”

Fair enough, you don’t know. Is there ANYTHING that you know? ANYTHING that is happening in and around India?

“There are MANY things happening…”

I asked him to tell a few. He replied, again with a smile that he was very proud of in showing me, “Aap puchh lo, mai kya kya bataunga…”

I asked him again that as he knows many things are happening he can choose to speak on anything. Just anything that he knows.

He couldn’t stop smiling because he somehow believed that IP university is a shop and teacher is a shopkeeper.

I asked him to politely leave my class. Then he asked me to give attendance and that he won’t leave.

Now, you just can’t fight ‘kool doods’. Just believe me, you can’t. They have this expression, “ke kar legga, mai nai ja raha… Attendance de de to hi jaunge”

I argued why should I give him attendance when he doesn’t know anything and is full of attitude. He was hell bent that he was here to LEARN which to him was as if asking I am giving you forty bucks, give me a litre of milk!

So, caring for my self respect, whatever I have left in the private set up, I banned him for the whole semester and asked him to teach his classmates as I couldn’t, due to his attitude towards me.

And as it happens, ‘kool dood’ somehow realises his mistakes and offers an apology (albeit in the faculty room) with his cute little smile that will make you fall in love, if you were gay, which I wasn’t!


This is not a one off incident. This happens almost on a weekly basis with one teacher or the other. I see it. May be I don’t have much knowledge. May be I am an idiot. But all my fellow teachers are not. At least, I know that certain teachers are way beyond the comprehension a of any kid at that college.

One can’t say it is the teacher’s fault that he/she can’t generate interest or look for a solution because there has to be a solution. May be I failed. May be all the teachers who with their studies from JNU, DU, BHU and experience of decades in various media houses have failed!

But is that a reality. Will these individuals, half of whom take admissions just for the fact that they hear BJMC is ‘in’, who perhaps can never ever be of a level to get in to better universities decide how much knowledge I have, or my fellow teachers have?

Though I teach at this university but I know it is a mall. It is not an educational place but a shop and is run by shopkeepers and hence it is expected that teachers act like shopkeepers to the consumers (students) who pay vulgar amount of money to come and sit in their air conditioned classes, flash their phones in the class, and don’t care what’s the teacher teaching.

Am I sad? Am I angry? No, fuck no! I see jokers on a regular basis. It is a learning curve for me. I have an education that they can just dream of. I am here to share my experience. You might believe that I don’t know anything but just remember the fact that a panel, considered to have the top most people from media education, considered me good enough to offer me a job.

So, I really don’t care for these ‘kool doods’. But yes, I do care for those who want to learn. So I will keep giving whatever I have because I know you will return to take care of your dad’s shop that await you because you are, perhaps, born for that.

Education is not your cup of tea. Please try your hand in selling water purifiers door to door, but you will get kicked there as well because you have too much of negative attitude and very less of civic sense.


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