To all my teachers: Thank you

Image credit: Arjun Singh

Most of the time I have been lucky enough to get good or great teachers who have given whatever positive is inside me.

All the anarchism, nihilism, rude attitude, abusive words, I dont give a damn outlook and the likes come from self-enlightenment. These subjects are self taught and my teachers shouldn’t be blamed for it.

Let’s talk about those good teachers. Be it Samuel Koshy who I admire for his situational one liners or KC Panda sir whose physics I never understood… RC Sharma who taught me Hindi or Z Sayeed, history for a limited time… Ravi Chandola sir had a great influence on me as he was a teacher at 25 (and so am I trying to be as good to students as he was to me). I never understood what Maiti Sir or KP ma’am taught me in Chemistry, but may be because I was not meant to know the chemicals.

NC Chattopadhyaya, SK Shokey sir, Manoranjan Pathak, SK Chaudhary sir and many others taught many things beyond syllabi. I have great regards for all the school teachers who never gave us home works, no class works, no vacation works but just knowledge in arts, science, craft and life. Most of the teachers at Sainik School Tilaiya were just great.

At the graduation level, at Kirori Mal College, I can’t forget Badri Raina sir, Keval Arora, Deb sir. All of them have affected my life in a great way.

One teacher who has been more friendly and involved in all the aspects of mine as a human being and have been a mentor is SD Tripathi who doesn’t hesitate to tell me when I am wrong or even ‘right in the wrong way’. Always a guide to show me the best possible path and always available.

I know I can’t be like any of them. I know I can’t replicate all they gave me. But I believe even if I am one percent of each of teachers, I can certainly make a change in some of the lives that are connected to me.

This is the day when I also thank all my students who understood me or at least are trying to. Having an opinion good or bad is a matter of choice, but some of you came and clarified, that was awesome.

I don’t run from criticisms, I don’t boast that I know too much, I don’t believe that I am an authority for one subject… But I do believe I am honest, I do believe I give whatever I know, I think I am affecting some lives in a positive way, if not all.

A hearty thank you all my teachers for the good in me, however little it is. And equally thankful to my students who believe in me, even if it is just one.


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