A society waiting to rape

“Her cries for help went unheeded as the six people, including a juvenile, tortured her for an hour, took turns to rape her, bit her, hit her with an iron rod, shoved it inside her and even used hands to tear her inner organs out, the gang rape victim said in her last testimony.”

Every single time I read it (and I assume anyone who does) I feel as if I am being raped. And I feel as helpless as her friend on the bus. I, we or anyone who read about it, protested against or did his/her bit in anyway, even thinking for a while would feel helpless.

ये कैसी सोसाईटी है? तुम जानवरों से तुलना करते हो, मैंने तो आज तक किसी जानवर को न रेप करते देखा न सुना…

What to write and how much to write in a society where you go in search of God and the baba rapes you, where you go to take tuitions as a kid and the teachers molests you without you even realising, where your close relatives rub through your body and you are confused what’s going on…

कहाँ सुरक्षित है, कौन सुरक्षित है, कैसे बचाएँ, किस किस से बचाएँ…

The biggest worry is paedophiles who are all around. These people (technically they are, but unfit to be called so) exploit their stature, relation, faith and affection and violate the childhood.

I don’t have a solution. I can’t do anything but lament and feel weird. I am not angry. I am disappointed that I don’t know how could I contribute to this society to think and elevate itself out of repression and sexual frustration! I write, I talk to students but I don’t know how many think on the same lines as me… Or even me thinking my thoughts to be right are right or not!

If the kids pursuing bachelors giggle on the mention of ‘condom’, ‘sexual’, ‘intercourse’, ‘masturbation’ et al… If they have to assume a hidden identity, a troll, to vent their frustration on a girl by saying ‘xyz is pregnant’ on a Facebook page… If they feel proud by analysing a girl’s body as she passes and feel a necessity to share with a friend and call her names… You have a serious crisis in education system.

You have a whole generation waiting to rape, waiting to molest, waiting to pass lewd remarks, waiting to slice the girls with their eyes only…

Most of us enjoy admiring (unknowingly ripping her apart in the process) a female but we are not aware how creepy it gets after a while amid our laughs thinking it was not affecting the girl… But it will affect her for sure when the next time we slap her on her hips in a crowd… Next time when we rub through her breast in a crowded metro… Next time when we grope her groins in a bus…

It surely affects her. I do my part when I try to talk freely in a classroom with 50 students, I try to tell them why we should try to control that frustration, that repressed force, that process that starts with admiration ending in taking a female to bed in our minds…

Thought process is acquired after we have spent a significant amount of time in society and to kick it off suddenly can’t be done. The society will have to learn the ways to control those desires that force us to think in a particular way, that sends our hormones rushing, that makes our genitalia erect under our pants and that forces us to do something forcefully which is a crime against humanity.

And education, and education alone, is the answer. It will take a generation to see some dip. A political will to revive the mentality of a repressed society via education to all is a solution. Not this education system where we feel shy to even use the word ‘sex’. A different approach is needed. One generation will learn, grow and educate the next and then we would be able to see some change.

Till then, we can all feel helpless, frustrated, angered, disappointed, but at the same time we can talk to our friends about it and try our bit to sensitise others. That is the least we can do for our mothers, sisters, wives, friends and ourselves.


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