I want to kiss you again

And I saw you
Sitting in the corner
Of that office room
Thick glasses
Over the eyes
That expressed myriad emotions
As we traversed on
Telling stories after stories
With every single movement
Of the brows, the pupils, the dark balls
Assisted by those lips
Thin and vigorous
Beautiful and full of life
And vibrant with the youth you have
I remember when we met
And met in the intimacy
Of that night
On that cramped bed
Of my cramped place
With our hearts
Big enough
To accommodate the two young emotions
The two young lives
The two beautiful souls
Falling for each other
Without whispering a single word
But deep in love inside
You kissed
And kissed
And kissed
The night still lingers on
In my memory
Creating a void
That I want to fill
Fill by seeing you again
By seeing those thick glasses
Those rosy lips
That I want to kiss
And kiss them
Again and again
When we meet
In another night of intimacy
On a cramped bed
In a cramped place


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