School of Free Thinkers starts its first discussion session with literature

Any start, small or big, is necessary. We made a start. Starts are necessary else we won’t reach anywhere if we sit and just think in our rooms. Starts take you places. Starts give you a chance to make changes. Starts make you rectify the mistakes of your past. And so we needed a start.

This is not a school in the conventional sense. We don’t have books. We don’t have notebooks. We don’t have exercises. We don’t have assignments. We are formless and flexible to take forms. We choose what we want to study. We decide the topic of our meets and discussions.

Finally, today we made a start. It was literature. It can’t be covered in a span of mere two hours but then we at least have certain idea what it is and why literature is needed. Literature is, and must be made to be, an integral part of education till bachelors so that people at least know how societies function, how relations flourish, how romance takes place, how poverty isn’t beautiful, how we look at things on different perspective…

It is a reflection of society. Whatever we think and express in whichever way is a great piece of literature. Language is a carrier. Art, painting, cinema, photos, short stories, poems, novels, plays… These are all ways to express our thoughts. And thoughts lead to great things.

So write, read and recite. However bad it might sound to you, however inferior an effort you feel it is, at least make an effort. At least evaluate yourself or ask others to do so. There is no escape in life where you won’t need it. It shapes your thoughts and actions. You don’t know it but you are a great creator.

You just need to create. Write blogs, draw lines on white sheets, make frames, compose shots, scribble on your notepad, tap that smartphone keyboard, take your Facebook posts seriously, write whatever you feel like… Write whatever you wish to tell to yourself… Write whatever you want to speak to that friend of yours…

Just write. Think and write. Read and write. See and write. You are a great author and your story is exclusively yours and most unique than any story on the Earth.

Hope to see you all next Saturday/Sunday. Let’s talk cinema this week.

#SchoolOfFreeThinkers #Session1 #Literature


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