Some English Haiku

Attempting my hand on Haiku, a Japanese form of poetry which follows 5-7-5 pattern, the two lines have juxtaposition of different ideas or images and the third brings a different perspective.

Nelson Mandela passed away somewhere
College student stressed his brain a lot
What could be Gauhar’s age?

Father was BPL* card holder
Son became a professor at a college
Father is a BPL card holder
*Below Poverty Line

Nights hear the dogs weep
Farmers are committing suicide on daily basis
Government launches new agriculture scheme

Roadside mechanic spreads the engine
‘My son is an engineer’, exclaimed father
‘Hope not an automobile engineer.’

Had a broom for DP
Were changing the society on the Facebook
Party lost by one vote

There were riots at Muzzafarnagar
Young kid picked up a severed hand
‘Grandpa wrote poetry of love.’

People said he was mad
He died in the riots, they speculated,
‘Must be Hindu, or Muslim…’

He was fired from college
He painted Indian women in uncouth manner
Hundred girl students protested that


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