Jagriti Yatra Day Seven: Uninvited Interventions

When you are on a train, you have to face many issues. These can vary from physical to emotional to medial and etcetera. There will be water issue, train delays, technical issues and even toilet paper issue! But we must realise the simple fact that it’s a train.

It’s a train, young men and women, it’s a freakin’ train. There will be delays. A fractured track, some accidents, fire etc have a huge probability in a nation where 75,000 trains run on daily basis!

Ok that was a rant that I wanted to vent out seeing the behaviour of some of us. Our naval dockyard visit and Naandi village visit in Vizag got cancelled as the train was held up at Vijayanagar for eight hours for maintenance as it had run it’s required number of kilometres before check.

This was a big issue. Eight hours at hand, Andhra visit was cancelled due to this and all the arrangements at Vizag were to be called off and new arrangements were to be made at Vijayanagar. Fortunately, one of the Yatris offered to help and arranged for a role model who started with manufacturing LED lights and later on went in the field of electrical signals and technology.

The organising team must be applauded for the last minute arrangements and it went well apart from some disinterest from the audience due to faulty audio system. There were a lot of press people taking our bites and interviews.

Later in the day we had a chance to listen to a few individuals who are a role model themselves due to their fighting abilities against the adversities. We listened to their stories, how did they choose their fields, what were the road blocks, and how they overcame it.

These people don’t just inspire but push the self belief in us to the limit of imagination. Here we are, cribbing on when the internet connection goes off in a running train and there is Aarti, a seventh grader, talking about sound editing software like Sound Forge and how she learnt computer at Tilonia Barefoot college!

The lady works as the technical person at the Community Radio station in Tilonia, a village famous for Mr Bunker Roy’s Barefoot University. They are the one’s who have stared in the face of adversities and said firmly, “Ok, so you are the problem… I see an opportunity here. I will learn and overcome you!”

A woman from rural Rajasthan, exudes confidence when she says, “When you learn one software, it is just a matter if two days to master another!”

I too see no water in the lavatory, I too see trains getting delayed, I too experience ambiguities from the organising team, but I choose to ignore as the larger picture has greater importance for me than these trivial issues. I choose to work out another way to keep myself interested.

We are on a journey to discover our own potential that are ovulating inside us. We are working on ways to adopt different models of businesses in to the communities that we belong too. This is how I look at it.

We will see similar issues when we will break free and go for starting up a company. We won’t have enough money, a good team, a great place, still we will have to find a way to make it work. Similarly, it is our train, it is our journey, it is our opportunity and so it is us who will have to see it in different perspective.

Coming back to the train, we had our dinner. My dear friend Sheetal suggested we should utilise our time by talking to good people on train by inviting them in to our compartment. It was a great idea as the train is full of people who are young CEOs as well as seasoned entrepreneurs who have tried their hands at several start ups and did great business in it.

These are the moments when you feel, ok, there is this guy who started with a mere Rs 2,200, in a 3×3 square feet room, just after class 12th to prove a point to his beloved’s dad and went on to have a status where people from NIFT and NID come to him for various jobs!

The man is Alok Mishra from Lucknow, who we lovingly call ‘serial entrepreneur’ for his penchant for getting bored with existing enterprise in five years (even less many times) and starting up a new one.

I will talk about this man in a separate post. Stay tuned.


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