Jagriti Yatra 2013: What’s not to miss?

You miss girlfriend/s, parents, home, friends etc with whom you have spent a sizeable number of days…

Then you miss places you visited, food you had, that bar, that restaurant, that theatre…

Then you miss your teachers, some habits dependent on the climatic conditions and place of living…

You also miss those long talks on phone, those chats after midnight, messaging for hours…

Some of us miss habits as well as randomness, some miss moving emotions, some miss sitting and talking seriously on a plan…

When you combine all of it, you miss #JagritiYatra and wonderful Yatris!

I am not the too ‘miss you’ types as most of the time it’s not worth missing the person/place/habits that you miss. At times you miss as normal people would miss or pretend to miss. At times it is just for the heck of it, like, “let’s miss some one!”

This trip and my wonderful cohort members (Anurag, Shreyas, Swapnil Chapate, Anirudh, Deepak Kr Deo, Vishal, Shivam, Siddharth, Rakshit, Amarnath, Bhushan, Pokhar Mal, Aditya) and group members (Sheetal, Shruti, Yogita, Anvita, Harshita, Sarayu) are worth missing.

I miss Heidi saying, “You are like… I ask you anything and you download stuff and give answers to all my questions!” Well, I don’t know about that, but I enjoyed our little chats on everything.

I miss the morning tea which I never had as I was a late riser, breakfast in bed, lunch on platform, multi-cuisine evening snacks and tea/coffee, variety of soups, awesome dinner. The food caterers were the highlights after the compartment discussions for me.

The compartments talks, those jokes, myth shattering, judgement breakers, patent holders, life line activity… At every step I felt small I front if these bubbling talent. IITians, IIM guys, illiterate, rich man, poor man, neglected and ignored man, all together speaking their heart out on how to make a change in society…

I haven’t been a part of such discussions yet, as in my world morons don’t live in villages, they are the majority, followed by pseudo intellectuals and pseudo-social workers.

It was an eye opener for me, as I am the one who interacts with at least a hundred young men and women daily in my class rooms.

I miss those beautiful people, their simple but powerful words. I miss that train, miss neighbouring compartment guys (Hari Haran, Bhooshan and others) calling me ‘Johny’ and miss those Kinley bottles for which I have to pay Rs 20 now!

I miss random individuals saying, “you are Ajeet Bharti? I love your posts, you write good man.”

I miss random handshakes, everyday, “Ajeet Bhai kaise ho? Milte hain bus me…”, “Arey sirji, Aapne wo poem nahi sunayi!!!”

Everything that happened in those 15-16 days is worth missing, every human that boarded it and made it possible is worth missing, every place we visited is worth missing, every person we heard is worth missing…

What is there not to miss? Nothing.


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