Western media and its sheer desperation over Modi government

As West’s uncalled apprehension grows regarding an NDA government in India they are resorting to all kinds of bullshit in the name of journalism. Pushing propaganda, carefully using words to mislead (subconsciously) readers and writing heavily biased article giving them prominent space in newspapers like The Guardian or as is the case this time, The New York Times.

Leave alone the debate whether or not Modi is divisive but the tone that the article tries to underline stinks of vested interests coming out of desperation and fake sense of human rights. Just see the words ‘killed’ used for Muslims and ‘died’ for Hindus in this para:

“It was on his watch as chief minister that more than 1,000 people, many of them Muslims, were killed throughout Gujarat in 2002, when rioting erupted after some 60 Hindus died in a burning train in Godhra.”

Now the New York Times will talk about what is happening to Indian Muslims when our own media doesn’t talk about it because there are better things to talk about than clinging on an unproven, oft repeated ‘idea’.

Hitler once remarked, “Keep the lie big, keep it simple, keep telling it and eventually they will believe it.” And that’s what Western media, controlled by governments with a fake make-up of free press in a free first world, is trying to do.

One wonders why they have so much interest in Indian elections! Why they are trying to polarise Indian voters in the name of being ‘objective and outsider’ and, in fact, being otherwise?

The very first thing these idiots who call themselves journalists should, rather must, do is to enrol themselves in a good journalism school and learn what ethics and morality of a journalist is and how not to be a sell out to a government and give intentional slants to an article in an attempt to divide opinions in place of creating discussions.

The whole article is an example of how shit is crafted to smell and look like pie but to a person with an eye it will smell like shit and appear like shit.

How about writing an article on plight of Afghanistanis in Afghanistan or Pakistanis in Pakistan, how about solving your own inherent hatred for the black people who you not only drive away but still are unable to take down the throat?

How about writing on school shootings on a monthly basis and going in to a reason what kind of society and governance you provide that anyone on a fine day wakes up and stabs a hundred people or shoots tens of kids in schools?

Where does your humanitarian approach goes when your drones kill any person with a beard on the borders of Afghanistan?

Petty individuals, paid to write crap out of desperation… This is not about Modi, this is about how to write a bad article. This is about trying to influence a population where ethically you must not. This is about insulting Indian democratic institutions in the name of journalism and facts that are based on your chit chat with two individuals.

Don’t do that. This is not journalism, this is desperation and a vomit after you have consumed things from the roadside stalls.


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