That girl in the rain

She had a busy hand with a bamboo stick that had a round magnet attached at the end of it as she walked on the sides of solitary road at the back of colony of the metropolitan. With a closer inspection one could see what she was up to: the magnet worked as a tool to attract iron chips, nails, pieces of scrap (anything that can be attracted with a magnet).

Whenever she got anything stuck to the magnet she would lift the stick up, pick the iron away from magnet and push it in the dirty sack hanging on her back.

She looked dirty, if you want to use a simple word. Mustn’t be above eight years of age, untidy, ruffled hair, dirt-laden face, rags on her body (worn over and over again, everyday), a plastic bangle on her right hand and a face that showed no emotion whatsoever.

Amid scorching June heat and sun right at the top of her head, the long apartments couldn’t offer her any shadow, nor she dared to touch it.

As she progressed ahead nonchalantly on the mundane work that she did, perhaps, everyday, the clouds gathered and hid the sun to her relief. But she went on. The cloud wasn’t enough to pull her out of the heat she went through every single day.

Shadows of high buildings on her right vanished. She lifted her face and looked to the skies as if searching for the sun of which she had got used to.

A tiny droplet came shooting towards her face, as it approached her, it got bigger and landed on her small but beautiful nose. The droplet slid from her nose forming a thin water channel of sorts in the dirt that her face had gathered, reaching her left cheek, changing ways towards the chin, hanging up for a second and finally falling down on her frock.

She kept looking up with eyes wide open. And there was the second droplet…

She let her sack of iron pieces and stick fall off both her hands as she slowly felt her fingers moving rhythmically as if performing some classical dance. She stretched both her hands in the air, still watching the dark sky up above.

Third and forth droplets fell on her face and left hand. She felt calm inside which was reflected on her face as she didn’t move a muscle there. She sat on the left side of the road with her arms open and face trying to gather all the drops of rain that was going to fall.

The rains started falling slowly… and slowly an unseen smile started brimming on her innocent face.


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