Your brand of feminism is a badly disguised misandry, ma’am!

Isn’t it great that all of the greatest poets like Ghalib, Mir, Momin, Faiz, Firaq, Faraz, Zauq etc are dead as otherwise they would be called misogynists!

Nowadays, you can’t be sure when these license distributors and wholesale dealers of feminism call you patriarchal, misogynist and sexist!

Now calling woman’s body a temple, means patronising her and saying she is multitasking by being a mother, teacher, and great professional at the same time, means you are forcing her to be all that and crushing her freedom.

So, calling her fresh as morning dew should amount to trivialising her to an object, calling her smile a mover of emotions would amount to calling her medical marijuana, and writing poetry praising her beauty would amount to making her unidimensional where beauty is her only trait!

I wonder when they will call for women to not to have sex and bear child by saying we are not machines to get pregnant. Pregnancy is a patriarchal conspiracy to implant vagina in women when monkeys were evolving and so we all have a vagina that gets menstrual cycles and cramps. Although thanks to Whisper, they have made the latter a bit easier!

I mean isn’t it idiocy when you mean something good and it is termed as patronising! Burn the poetry and love stories, burn the gifts that you are gifted by your fathers, brothers, friends…

The society does have issues of sexism and misogyny and patriarchy but don’t please go on a witch hunt of words and behave like bots scanning certain expressions from a speech just to tweet and chat about.

And please, don’t be a loudspeaker of half of the humanity because no one gave you the certificate as no one can. It’s your little brain that can’t process intentions and words alike, it’s your fault and by calling names and criticising you are being a misandrist.

#Misogyny #Misandry


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