Kiss of love, Delhi: Ever heard of Bonta park, honey?

It is not about tolerance or expression of love, to a few it might be, rather it is merely aping western culture. And everything western from wiping your arse with a tissue paper to objectifying women in cinema and raising slogans on roads against it is considered as evolving modernity.

The intellectuals and thinkers have branded conservative as being something against being modern. Trying to conserve the tradition and culture and taking best from the time is very much being conservative as well as being modern. If someone reads some other books or articles, then they are simply confused.

In Victorian England even the legs of the table used to be covered so as not to incite sexual desires! This was a mere 150 years back. And now kissing is an integral part of their culture. Societies change as the individuals demand. There were no protests in England for this. So telling this that ‘it is merely symbolic’, defying laws of land rather going to court against it is senseless.

Everything that is rampant in other parts of world needn’t be imported and integrated in India nor Indian values need to be exported to other places. Societies pick, test and accept things. Here, an onslaught of cinema, advertising, sourcing everything to Vedas and epics without knowing the context is fooling the intelligentsia.

No one is against kissing. There is a place to shit and there is a place to kiss. They are protesting against moral policing in Delhi as if no one knows what happens in Lodhi Garden or Bonta park!

In a country where half of the population defecates in the open, lakhs die out due to hunger, lakhs die due to just cold, I seriously don’t give a damn about moral policing. Each nation has its own culture, own set of values and rules.

There are other ways to protest. Force your lawmakers to enact laws that decriminalise gay sex, public kissing etc. But the thing is our society is not ready yet. 10-15 years of cinema is still needed to make public kissing a mainstream in popular culture of the big cities. Villages will still be backward and conservative.

There is a very fine line between intellect and anarchy, people often cross that.


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