Bra, Freedom and Feminism

At the outset, I must declare that I don’t wear a bra and I don’t know how tied one would feel while putting one on and, similarly, how ‘free’ (as the author of the link given claims) one feels without it. It would help, if you read a very small article from the link below before you read my opinion on it.

Despite that, I couldn’t help but have an opinion. May be it is because I am one of the guys, who she vehemently assumes would molest her for sure, although I have never ever even passed a comment on females on the road or inside my house let alone molest her.

It speaks of her ignorance when she forces her intellectual beliefs (on people who blindly believe anything that is in an article) that Hindi doesn’t even has a word for nipples blaming a society which never, perhaps, wanted to even talk or write about it. Madam, the word in Hindi is ‘choochuk’, all you had to do was a simple search. Apart from the word, there are several synonyms in the rich language which you didn’t care to know. And about Hindi, there are more words than entire European vocabulary as it sources itself from Sanskrit where words can be joined and invented forever.

Coming to the point, ‘popping my nipples’ is a choice she wants to have. Obvious enough, your body is yours as you claim and so are your breasts, vagina, nipples, hips, legs, hands, digits, lips, eyes, nails, pubic hair, brows, neck etc. In the same way, a man’s penis (which has to be kept forcefully inside a tight underwear because a loose one wouldn’t help), face, lips, legs, digits etc etc are his.

Your brand of feminism and freedom would be assaulted if I walk past you with an erect penis or even with just a fake bulge in my crotch with a smile of my newfound ‘freedom’. Men don’t like putting on an underwear forever and they too take it off whenever there is a chance.

Attaching morality and sexuality to being bra-less is not the point that she is making because her whole idea is based on an assumption that in London she did it and nobody cared but in India she would get molested. Let me debunk that theory as well.

Recently, a lady dressed in skin hugging t-shirt and pants walked for ten hours on streets of New York only to find that she had to bear the brunt of lewd comments, men asking for her number, giving her number, walking with her, whistling and doing everything that very well qualifies as molestation or outraging the modesty of a women.

Similar copy cat social experiment was done on the streets of Mumbai. According to this ‘free’ author, she should have been raped throughout the day, but lo and behold, no one cared. No whistles, no comments, no walking with her, no numbers nothing!

What! I know, right! Yes. She didn’t get raped. But I am not basing my opinion on that social experiment. At the same time, pull off data from western societies and India, you would see in what part of the world women encounter verbal abuse, domestic abuse and street abuse the most. Third world countries are flavour of western media and are profiled on while choosing not to report their own issues.

Now, the ‘popping nipples’ thing. Let me assure all womenkind that I would feel annoyed when I would see you with your nipples and feel bad that you don’t have anything to cover that up. But at the same time, I wouldn’t jump on you. And I wouldn’t jump on you even when you walk naked with your breasts popping out, but I would be annoyed for sure.

Your feminism and feeling of ‘freedom’ doesn’t necessarily mean that I should be ok with whatever level of your self defined feminism (or degrees of it) you propose.

Every single fabric on our body confine us and ‘tie’ us if we see from your glasses. Whatever a woman in London does doesn’t mean everyone in London does the same. I haven’t been to London or New York, but by reading literature and watching popular films, TV series I can make out that ‘nipple popping’ is certainly not about freedom and is not mainstream.

I don’t find women in films, literature brandishing bra and throwing it out to make a subtle point about femininity and freedom. I have had quite a few friends from all over Europe and Americas but never found them bra-less or discussing about plight of Indian women who are forced to accept it as a part of their bodies since they turn 12. And I tell you I have discussed a lot about Indian sexuality with them.

I am not forcing my view of morality, culture or social space on the Indian female. They very well know what society we live in and what they should wear and take off. We are a society where perhaps the writer wouldn’t sit with her dad, brother or even mother while a sanitary pad advert or lingerie advert is being played on. We are a society where vagina whitening gel is being sold. We are a society where beauty cream and skin lightening talk are sold. And, it must be noted that these all have nothing to do with feminism and freedom.

While scrolling down on my timeline, I saw a journalism student in a very beautiful dress with deep neckline and short skirt walking the ramp and an accompanying hashtag which said ‘ModernMe’. It made me sad.

Modernity and freedom are not tied to the hook of the bra or length of the skirt. The zip of my jeans, button of my shirt all create unnecessary pressure on my body parts, but that doesn’t mean I should pop my penis out and say, ‘hey, I feel so free’. Because that freedom for me is an anarchic belief which is very individualistic. For example, nudist beaches are everywhere and no one is bothered as there is a defined area. It is a kind of society where people are comfortable with nudity.

A society is made of individuals who follow some said, unsaid norms where everyone is comfortable. And yes, your freedom mustn’t cause discomfort to me, mustn’t annoy me however ‘free’ you feel about it. I don’t think she would enjoy a nice view of my penis on streets or in office, however decorated, senitised and aromatic I make it to be.

PS: here is the article:


2 thoughts on “Bra, Freedom and Feminism

  1. I read the nipple story and your point of view on the entire thing. I agree with the explanation and detail you’ve written. Agreed each individual may not be comfortable with some norms society follows but that certainly doesn’t mean one needs to be a rebel.

    And I feel definition of feminism is construed to be a medium to bash men and assign blame instead of the very basic definition of human right equality.


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