On Ferguson killing, and today’s Cleveland shooting


Everyone knows about the ‘black’ youth shot dead by a Ferguson cop, who is conspicuously unrepentant of an innocent being killed. Today, a 12-year old ‘black’ kid, Tamir Rice, was shot dead by a 911 patrol car within two seconds of its arrival near the park where the young kid was flashing a toy gun. However, the man who reported the juvenile of holding a gun repeatedly said on phone that it was ‘probably a toy gun’.

Yesterday, I read some data from a newspaper that there has been a 20-fold increase in ‘black’ people being shot by ‘white’ cops in America. Another data said being a black invited multifold probability of being arrested and convicted of crimes in the US as against the white.

I might be a bit prejudiced in writing here, but could someone enlighten me how a ‘white’ guy who rampantly shoots in your schools, theatre, public parks spraying bullets, taking lives is termed as ‘mentally ill’ but a brown, black guy is termed a terrorist, Islamic extremist by the state and media, of course.

It is sad that on one hand, Bush and Obama champion the U.S. to be proud of its immigrants and ‘melting pot’ culture but the (immigrant) European white lot, and even the state itself, fails this principal again and again. Social media loves preparing charts where US is always shown as immune to racism and intolerance, but news doesn’t say so.

Five-six centuries ago you came to a land from Europe looking to expand your footprint and economic, religious and supposedly civilised ideas in the vast land that is America today, and settled. Then you needed slaves to work for you as the existing working conditions were not suitable to you in this foreign environment and you started to die if you went to work in fields. And you also killed the original inhabitants by bringing your diseases from which they weren’t immune.

Now all was left was a weak white population, negligible red Indians (as you named them) and lot of cotton and other plantations to do. Meanwhile you made it legal to buy and sell black slaves from Africa by telling the ‘story’ of sons of Ham from a Bible that you wrote and credited to the non-existent God.

Then you brought the slaves who were immune to the diseases here because of their superior surviving skills in African environment. Now, you had everything on disposal. You became the masters and slaves, despite being immune and strong, kept working in cotton fields because you wielded power. A power so absolute that you would kill them to just make an example because you can buy another.

Then you hired biologists to write papers to prove the blacks were idiots, dim witted, unhygienic, criminal and lazy lot. Now it was all scientific, albeit fiction but who would check! Blacks never knew English, and if they tried to read, you killed them.

This intolerance continued. This hatred percolated. I am not saying every white man or woman hates the blacks, but a part of them does even today. This hierarchy was created to govern and organise these ‘idiot, lazy, criminal’ blacks. The biologist who wrote the paper has died, Bible was reinterpreted to make the blacks Christians, the story writers faded in oblivion but the story didn’t.

A part of the society who is intellectual and open on the camera, making statements, writing and blogging on web is suffering from a deep-rooted hatred which results in these kinds of killings.

And all you have to say is, “I was doing my duty and I have no remorse. It’s the way my job is.”

Seriously? How do you even sleep!


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