RIP, you brave souls!

Despite personally knowing many of men as friends, close friends and almost brothers who serve in the armed forces as well as several other forces, I always felt and said that they made a career choice of doing so.

I still believe they do and I generally have the opinion that they serve the nation in the same way as a farmer, teacher, banker or the actor does. However, the only difference is that they have to take the gun shots on their body knowing very much about a sound probability.

I always hold them in high regard not only because I was brought up in a military school but knowing that there are people crazy enough to make a career choice just to ‘die for the nation’.

For me dying for nation is a utterly crazy idea and I wouldn’t advice anyone to do so. I am against armies, wars and people killing strangers just because someone orders them to. But that all is an irrational idea in this insane world we live in.

It is based and has been built up on wars. We have been taught to die for an entity called ‘country’ and feel proud of it. There are political structures, religious institutions and armed battalions who make us believe whatever they want to. And this all has become so engrained in us that it is obvious and idiotic if a country doesn’t have one.

All said, the reason and philosophy of it, the reality is we need them. I don’t know what it feels to go to a certain death situation and coming out with a rib broken with bullet, a shrapnel stuck in groin, having a leg ripped off below knee after stepping on a mine.

My mind convinces me that it is not bravado but utter idiocy but that doesn’t make me right. Whatever drives them to do such crazy things, with a belief that their fellow countrymen have a night under a warm blanket, it is justified and plausible.

Almost every single day some men die battling terrorists on border or in different states. No teacher, banker or actor die that way. They made their choice of serving the nation in their best possible way. That doesn’t make others any little or great.

But when someone takes a bullet for me, I would certainly feel for him. I would know that he too has a family and a group of friends who would want him return, but not in a Tricolour wrapped around an oversized casket.

My heart goes out to all my friends who are serving in active areas, in field or getting ready to do so. My feelings are with all those who made the supreme sacrifice in recent terrorist encounters.

May you all rest in peace. We are nothing but proud of you and keep you as a person and protectors in our thoughts.


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