The more I know, the less I Know

If knowing were speaking (having opinion) on certain topics, subjects, I can do so at length but I don’t think that is actually what it is.

Why do I even intend to know something? What purpose does it solve to know? Having an opinion doesn’t hold any meaning, not for me. It is a purely selfish phenomena. You acquire the so called knowledge and use it to your advantage, to convince others about what is right or wrong.

But, does knowing really make us right? And what is right? Who decides the right? What is wrong and who decides it as such?

This all is what we do while we wait. The wait is long. As long as the life itself. It is all done while we wait. At the end it is as useless as sitting on a bench, looking at flowers, garbage or the puppy while waiting for the bus.

The bus comes and we board it. We don’t remember what was the flower like, how adorable the puppy was. Life is just that. You arrive and you leave, what happens in between is not worth remembering. Even if you do something else, no one cares. Not even you!

Sometimes, I outsmart myself!


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