Reading Animal Farm

Just finished with Orwell’s Animal Farm which he claimed to write as a critique of Russian revolution and its aftermath where he likened the pigs to be the leaders and how they exploited other animals with the maxim or commandment: All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

He wrote this in 1943-44 and Time magazine (the seemingly highest intellectual authority of certification of anything good or bad) mentions it as one of the best works of literature of all time.

There are larger politics involved in decoration of one work of literature than other. Americans (those who weird political power) wouldn’t ever like anything socialist in nature, it is fundamentally different from their school of thought which is no less than a Bible of their life.

Anyway, I am not telling anything new about how West still considers, when in practice, every product and belief system of the East as that of Third World and there is a manufactured sense of longing for their approval for anything to be good. Look at the Nobel Prize in literature and peace. Unless you are a Western author or write on themes singing tunes of West, you would never get that Nobel. And Peace prize has been reduced to a political tool of appeasement when likes of Kissinger, Obama, EU etc are awarded.

Orwell, perhaps unknowingly, wrote an allegory of England’s colonial pursuits as well. But he was too occupied with Stalin’s ways. I am not calling him a hypocrite because authors write what they please and it is for us to understand whatever appeals us.

I couldn’t marvel at the perspective that how English colonial master were the pigs and dogs from Animal Farm with ideas of equality, wisdom, better life for all animals while in hindsight exploiting the resources, human and natural, to their own advantage and sleeping cosily in Mr Jones’ bedroom twisting every maxim they set themselves.

And all we were left after they left was their final commandment, deleting all others, “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.”

And poor us, we are still recovering from that idea of equality!

PS: For a scathing critique of British politics and ways, read an essay by Jonathan Swift, ‘A modest proposal’ and the novel, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by the same author.

#AnimalFarm #GeorgeOrwell


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