Simple words, beautiful rendering.


There is something ’bout these dark winter evenings, especially the windy ones that have hints of water droplets from the almost invisible cold rains shining in the golden helium generated street light’s gleam.

Our generation is too pricey to take a walk on the roads during these worn off winter evenings, I mean I myself would never get out of my bed unless I’ve to fetch some coffee or wine. The quilts have been my lover lately. Yet, I believe sometimes the world screams poetry.

The heavy words demand an explanation, obviously!

Just this morning I called up my girls and went out for a coffee straight from bed. I did put the unbelievably red lipstick though (for the love of leaving stains everywhere ).

Anyway, I ended up meeting up a few more people, got into an argument and decided to call it quits and took a long walk…

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