Hashtag opinions: Deconstructing facebooking

Being on Facebook brings me more annoyance than anything else. It started as being something funny, not witty or timepass. Just funny.

I, and a few friends, during post graduation would go to someone’s post and start conversing about weird stuff in comments. It would be random, and we would laugh over it every single time. Our first choice would be a girl, or our girlfriends.

Then, one day it was over and I started analysing what was going on. Nascent stage of Facebook was more about being hesitant to share, what to share and what not to share. People would think what to write and what to post in images.

Then, it became media. This was the good time which turned bad. Bad in the sense that every silly thing was used as a hyped product to sell via shares, tags and likes.

Media pundits started to write about social media that it was the force to reckon and it would change the dynamics of information consumption. It surely did, many a times. But, in totality, all it became was just another platform for prostitution of news and information.

The function as a media was tossed out as the ‘cool’ came in. The obligation to look ‘sensitive, rational, intellectual, and humanitarian’ twisted the idea of responsible and ‘could make an impact’ media.

Not that every social media movement is crass, but most of the times it lacks any serious intent. Rather, it becomes a tool of self-projection designed to suit our sensibilities.

What I do, and have been doing, is, I carefully and consciously attack whatever is done by majority of people. I denounce people trying to sound intellectual whereas they are not (if you just visit their profiles). I denounce people sharing ‘good quotes’ in which they don’t believe or intend to act. I denounce smart-arsery of many who share links without opinions.

I am in a process of deconstructing the way people behave on Facebook.

In a nutshell, I have come to a point where I get annoyed by anything that becomes a trend. Emotion and sensitivity shouldn’t, and mustn’t, depend on what is trending. Making a black dot your profile picture is good, but when you do so because someone else is doing it, without really taking pains to know the why of it, that’s a display of your utter ignorance and indifference.

Hashtags need not invoke a sense of empathy in you. Your opinion shouldn’t depend on the trending topic of the day. This clearly suggests your intention is more about your visibility than emotional reaction to the topic.

That’s why I abuse such people. I know being abusive isn’t something great. But my words are what I mean, they don’t come from a list of trending topics. I get annoyed and then I abuse. That’s the way I am, and I haven’t yet felt the need to change it.


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