To Katju, on his ridiculous thoughts on gays

Just read Markandey Katju arguing against gay marriages. And the eminent retired Supreme Court judge chose JB Shaw’s logic of natural ‘Life Force’ where it is natural for humans to die individually and prosper as a race.

He went on to talk how Shaw talks about it is only suitable for a woman to find a suitable mate to have sex and bear child and hope he earns and protects her. And by that logic, gays can’t bear child and hence are opposed to ‘life force’ ‘naturally’.

One of the comments made by a student of mine, Tejus, was a suitable reply where he argued that by that logic kissing, anal sex, masturbation, oral sex etc shouldn’t take place and be banned.

My argument is, why does a playwright like JB Shaw’s words be taken as the absolute Truth? How does a man who sits in his room, writes a play, plays on words that suit him, can decide what is natural and what is unnatural?

Just because you wrote good plays, sold out million copies and are taught in universities, doesn’t make each of your words the Truth. I can quote Shakespeare’s sonnet where he longs arguably for his gay partner. Shakespeare is great grandpa of Shaw in literature.

Who is Katju or Shaw to decide what is natural and normal? What majority does needn’t be natural. How many people are gay? What about eunuchs, should they be killed when born as they don’t serve any ‘natural’ purpose?

The best part was, despite his vast knowledge of literature, he couldn’t give one argument of his own. He started with ‘people asked my views on gays’ and went on to quote two literary figures.

Why look for authentication from someone else? I am not as experienced or well read as Katju, but I have my own opinions. I don’t look for books, authors whose words are imagination or a product of their own experiences to substantiate my point without my own original opinion.

Katju could do well to read some books by gay people, their autobiographies to know what they feel. I would recommend Ellen Degeneres’.


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