A transgender’s suicide or a structured murder?

Just read a suicide note from a transgender explaining why she (the language doesn’t have proper pronoun, it is left on what they want to be addressed as.) chose to die.

I was not moved or anything. People die in millions everyday, another suicide need not force another exclamation from me. Those who die don’t need these oohs and aaahs from us.

Camus argued that if there was one true philosophical problem, it was suicide. He writes, “Dying voluntarily implies that you have recognized, even instinctively, the ridiculous character of that habit, the absence of any profound reason for living, the insane character of that daily agitation, and the uselessness of suffering.”

I have always been in support of the person who commits suicide merely for the fact that for me it would require tremendous courage and convincing that the world is not good enough for me neither I want to mould myself according to it.

Many of my friends argue that it is cowardly to commit suicide, life is a challenge and all third party bullshit. I don’t buy this.

Her note fits in with every word that Camus wrote. This transgender person ended her life because she felt she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. She knew the feeling since she was four but her own people chose to look the other way. I am not a transgender and I can’t possibly know how they feel about it. But whatever I know, and have tried to know, it is not a nice situation to be in where your own parents don’t quite know who you are.

Taking her to Christian therapists, her parents did everything to make her life hell by wanting her to live like Christian ‘boy’. Aged 16, she wanted parents’ consent for medical solution (as late you opt, more difficult it becomes) but they preferred their ‘social status’ over her natural life. Deprived of all communication, social or virtual, it was too much for her to go on living like it. She ended it.

The last para of her note says that she wanted her death to mean something. May be, it should. May be, you wouldn’t care because you don’t understand how a person would feel in this situation. All is fine.

It is not that all transgenders in the world face this choice of death, humiliation and social acceptance. There are societies which naturally accept them by but they are very few. Concept of sex and gender is heavily biased because majority of us are either male or female and (so called) straight.

Education on gender, sex and sexuality must be provided to (or pursued by) us in early part of our education. It is easy for us to accept that there are seven continents which we might never ever go and see. It is easy for us to accept that there are people of different skin colour, race and speak different language in other parts of world who we might not ever meet. We might not meet them but when we do, our education would allow us to mingle with them.

The same education must be extended to teach about ‘other’ genders as well. Her death was not absolutely a personal choice. It shows her society, her parents and friends abandoning her just because they had no idea how to treat her, and so they chose to treat her badly.

My opinion is, if you don’t know things, just be neutral to it rather than hating it. Try to know them. Being averse speaks of your ignorance and preferred indifference to a person who is just as human as you, no less, no more.

It is not a transgender’s death that I am writing on, it is a social problem with majority which works on different levels. People have killed people in the name of religion, race, colour and anything that doesn’t suit them. Your hate won’t kill you, it never does. It will kill someone else for sure.

That transgender didn’t commit suicide, she was murdered.


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