Two truths about Charlie Hebdo shootings


There are two truths about the Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo. The truth is that it was in a continuous habit of mocking religions, religious symbols and institutions. It had a very low circulation and was notoriously known to show masturbating nuns, pops engaged in intercourse and bearded people as Prophets of Islam engaging in weird acts, mostly with sexual connotations.

The second truth is that of terrorism in the name of Islam. Saying Islam to be a religion of peace, in present scenario, is a self-inflicted joke. The cliché of terror has no religion has become a cliché, it is too mainstream and people now hate to hear this. Truth is those killing the cartoonists did yell that their prophet was avenged.

Someone, yesterday, on my Twitter timeline said Muslims themselves were the victims of terror all around the world. Obvious enough, he is right as more deaths take place in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya etc than in any Christian or Hindu dominated area.

But that song doesn’t calm the rage against the religion. If you are the victims why does this cancerous trend doesn’t stop? Why not educate kids against it? Why do the seeds of peace not germinate? There are certain questions that need to be answered. The best would be an introspection within the religion itself. Outsiders will keep painting it as a religion of terror if some idiot keeps a flag with ‘Allahu Akbar’ in one hand and an AK47 in another.

Coming back to the first truth, the freedom of expression isn’t a synonym of anarchy. Ridiculing all religions isn’t a reason good enough to cover yourself as a journalist with a pen trying to express. Freedom comes with responsibilities. It is never absolute.

Satire should pinch and not penetrate. It can be stinging but not insulting. A pope abstains for life as he chooses celibacy and you choose to show him playing with a condom! A prophet who is formless, has no image or idol, you mock him by showing him naked!

What kind of journalism is that?

Death of ten journalist by those terrorists shouting the name of Mohammad can not be justified. Mohammad was so gentle that he wouldn’t move as the cat sleeping on the bed might wake up. He would stand in honour of the dead even if he was a sworn enemy. Where from this blood in the name of Allah originates?

The work of journalist is to comment on society to make it better. It is not to provoke and incite passions among people who are already waiting to do damage to society. They need a reason and you become brave enough to give one.

This cartoonist community homages wouldn’t do any good however sensible and creative they make it appear in the name of freedom of expression. Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon’s were crass. It is a magazine often full with filth. Some societies/people tolerate filth, some choose to shoot you down. Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists were shot dead.

None’s reasons are good enough. Hebdo’s ridicule and disregard for religious symbols and terrorists’ chants of Allahu Akbar accompanied by gunshots are equally condemnable.



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