There ain’t no polity in politics, maan…

I did study civics till class eight and fairly know what politics means, or what it should mean. But I am not going to tell what do I understand of it in present context. The reason is, I don’t understand it. I remember once telling to a lady from JNU that I hated politics and she gave me, “I don’t like people who are apolitical.”

As I had no love interest in her for two reasons, first JNU and second JNU as well, so I never tried to change my opinion. Unless you have something to pursue you try to change, otherwise don’t give a shit. At least I don’t.

Anyway, I hate it because I am unable to predict or understand things as I was taught or as I attempt to gather wisdom from press, people and posts on social media. All three kinds contradict each other on daily basis. I contradict myself too, but I don’t claim to be right every time.

I wrote ‘polity’ is absent from politics. Literally, politics doesn’t have all the letters of polity, and in general, politics lacks an organised way of function. All our wisdom is focussed on making things ‘look’ true in ‘current scenario’ which changes daily. The weird maxims of ‘there are no permanent enemies in politics’, ‘coalition dharma’, ‘you are characterless the moment you leave us’ etc are beyond my comprehensive abilities. Spokespersons are becoming lexicographers and computer servers that invents meanings for existing words and stores screenshots of tweets.

I am a limited dictionary guy. I am barely writing English. I don’t understand words like ‘parachuting’, ‘debates’, ‘protest’, ‘development’, etc when they have different meanings. Politicians are busy grabbing dictionaries and looking for adjectives and synonyms so that they can give new ‘mantras’ of 3-this, 6-that, 9-shits etc. I studied English because it had lesser number of alphabets whereas these morons make me remember so many things that a P can mean! I am not buying that ‘a for apple’ book. No.

But you would find me commenting, mostly abusing, various people who are politicians. Yes, I do that. I find people wrong (according to me) and I enjoy mocking people whether they read it or not. That’s the way I relax. That’s the way I gym and workout.

You can see I am very slim with a flab-free face and personality to die for. That’s how I pump my heart and lift my brain. Try it, it is good.


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