AIB Roast of Arjun and Ranveer: Your roast is just Vulgar and Filthy, nothing else


After seeing too many ‘AIB Roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’, and knowing what ‘roast’ actually is in comedy genre, I decided to watch it.

The first few sentences that the host, Karan Johar, has is ‘it is going to get filthier, dirtier and very very offensive.’ However, roasting is not that way. It insults to core, it offends in brutal degrees but it isn’t filthy.

All through the first part the laughter was purely concentrated on who used what phrase that had ‘dick, jerking, fucking, cunt, choot, lund, gaand, arsehole, hole’ in it.

And the other phrases to invoke laughter included getting in to personal lives of the actors. The personal bit is fine, but the genre doesn’t always lingers on her sexuality, failed relationship and how filthy they both are or were.

Those of you who are sharing it, and thinking it to be the ultimate thing, I would request you to search for Don Rickles, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel etc with the word ‘roast’ in YouTube. And just watch small clips of how Colbert roasts George Bush, how Don Rickles drives people crazy with his highly insulting barrage of satire, watch how Craig Ferguson goes about his comedy.

Don Rickles has been around for over six decades and he has done quite a few roasts, the best can be the most famous ‘Rickles roasts Ronald Regan’ at his inauguration. Rickles never uses a cuss words other than as filling adjective (what the fuck you are doing, as against I would fuck your mother in AIB’s case). Colbert roasts Bush in White House correspondents dinner, with such apt satire and punches that Bush could be seen fuming but had to say it was a free country where journalists had a say.

Cuss words are the easiest way to incite laughter but not the best or even the good one. If one could put a voice filter in this AIB Roast for ‘cock, fuck, shit, jerk, fucking, sucking, Maa ki choot, lauda, lund, gaand, bhosdi ke, arsehole, and holes’ I bet you won’t get a single laughter.

Roasting is not about getting filthy and use cuss words, it is the cleverest use of satire and punch line, getting personal but not so as to involve someone’s mother’s or ex gf’s vagina in it. It is a mocking tribute, it’s not abusive.

As Raghu Ram, a roaster, aptly put in that AIB mock his MTV Roadies for being vulgar and abusive just to garner TRP and views, they were actually doing the same here. He added that with every fuck, shit etc. uttered, there are a thousand ‘chutiyas waiting to like and watch this shit’.

That’s the case. Filth spreads fast for its stink.

So, no. Internet is a free space. People did pay 4000 bucks to watch Ranveer, Arjun getting ‘roasted’, it was not roasting. It was some serious filth even if I am not being puritan. This is not comedy. This is getting paid to be abused in front of your family, colleagues and fans.

I would recommend it to everyone to just see how this is not cool. In West, from where they claim to have got inspiration, no one would pay to come and watch AIB’s second show. With a blindfolded society of cool dudes and chicks, cussing at every instance just to appear unique and cool, this is utter nonsense in the name of comedy.

Honey Singh looks like a gentleman from England in front of AIB’s choice of words, and so called ‘jokes’, which weren’t.


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