AIB Roast: Mainstreaming verbal pornography, just because you CAN


The supposedly ‘cool’ AIB Roast is mainstreaming filth or verbal pornography. In a nation where ‘deti hai to de warna kat le’ is sold as literature and being read by thousands, discussed in everyday discourse, no wonder it is getting likes and support by people who have bachelors degree, can read and write and have enough sensibilities to even defend it.

If one laughs when someone says, “I will fuck your mother by twisting her thick nipples that you sucked on” he/she certainly has some psychological problem.

You don’t laugh because it has comedy in it, you laugh because you hear people saying ‘fuck’, and ‘twist thick nipples’ in it. That is so because it is not used in everyday language and we, as humans, have a tendency to try to go for things that is either taboo or sexual in nature.

Saying don’t watch it, doesn’t solve anything. How about not creating it. They can do it just because it doesn’t have censorship. If their is a censorship on use of such words, as on TV, they won’t do it.

They are not doing it because it is comedy. They are doing it just for the reason that they CAN as Internet is not regulated.

Artistes have a social responsibility. It like selling porn because it CAN be sold as there is no regulation. It is one thing to watch porn in your room, and it is completely different doing in cinema hall. AIB is doing it in cinema hall situation.

You can just wrap it in a ‘our kind of roast’ blanket. Because it is not. It is purely commercial thing, there is no sportsman spirit in Ranveer and Arjun enjoying it. It was just one or two filthy sentences for them by all the so called ‘roasters’ as they would mock everyone in their three-five minutes time and at last they would thank the actors.

That’s not roasting. In their language, it is licking their hairy balls (One can laugh on this) to make money and share it.

And it was not ‘their own version of roast with heavy vulgarity’ rather it was their ‘own version of vulgarity with little roast’.

Justifying and laughing is subjective. But when put and debated in social context, pornography can not be passed as a different kind of film which needs user discretion but is available for free for even an eight year old with a laptop.


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