AIB team’s convenient explanation of freedom of speech

Jesus and Church, both dead anyway, were offended by the AIB Roast as per the AIB team. However, living people like me and scores of others who found the roast filthy and equivalent of verbal pornography were vehemently opposed by a section of people, including AIB team, with the logic that it was their freedom of expression.

Some logics included that in a nation where people peed in public and molested women, a show with cuss words and abusive language that came with a warning mustn’t be opposed.

By that reasoning, if you have a dysfunctional kidney, you should allow someone to poke a hole in your eyes just because you can’t take care of your kidney.

The champions of filth and verbal porn, have apologised to Christians if they were offended!

What happened to the ‘absolute’ freedom of speech then? What happened to ‘the audience, roasters and roastees have all given their consent’ for the filth?

Why write long blogs and defend your right to speech and conveniently forget duties of a citizen? Why cry foul and gather support from a section of people who defend you in this filthy endeavour in the name of comedy?

Why try to define how Internet should work and why ‘the only democratic medium’ should be protected against ‘conservative people who can’t take a joke’?

Shed your fake masks, let that logic of freedom of expression drip from that face painted with convenience, let all the filth dry up and see if there is actually even a sentence of comedy left, and then we will talk about freedom of speech.

Because, I can take a joke if it doesn’t have the necessity of my ‘mother getting fucked’ in the process.


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