Nirbhaya Documentary: Misplaced outrage

I am an Indian citizen and I have utmost regard for established Indian laws. When it permits you to shoot for research, lets you in inside Tihar and allows to talk with the convicts and lawyers, you mustn’t misuse it in the garb of ‘freedom’ and ‘expression’.

I am against extreme kinds of bans on certain media like Internet and TV but at the same time I would rather want a regulated one where filth in the name of ‘Roast’ and illegal documentary for TRPs and pseudo-debates are stopped.

Who doesn’t know how pervert a section of Indian men are, who doesn’t know banning a documentary won’t either solve or provoke the issues, who doesn’t know how convicts mock the laws? Would the rapes not stop otherwise?

If you need a documentary to show you the mirror and generate a debate, you have misplaced priorities as a citizen. Enough has been debated and dusted in Nirbhaya case, another documentary wouldn’t make any sense that too which is illegal.

Raising your voice against such bans is necessary as well but why not visit both aspects? Why not weigh in the pros and cons? Why not know the merit of the case whether it was for any good of the society or a promo to gain eyeballs?

This outrage is outrageous simply because this nation doesn’t need another debate on rapes. It would be a better content for primetime television where ‘experts’ would argue whether this ban is good or bad.

I very well know showing British problem wouldn’t affect Indian mass, still I would like to know the names of documentaries BBC made on hate crimes, colonial apathy, Churchill’s structured massacre of millions during Bengal famine and others, rapes and arson in England.

I would also want to know how they exploited Ireland, Scotland under the Union Jack and still are exploiting with the lollipop of better economy.

I would like BBC to read Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ and reflect.


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