The East-West debate on ‘culture’

Just read an article (on my wall) about the desperation of foreign media to give too much importance to any negative news from India.

I hope my powdered-milk consuming friends, whose mothers didn’t allow them to suck for the fear of sagging boobs (a sign of western modern values and open sexuality), would remember how they shared the links of no or too little coverage of Modi’s America visit. They argued how Americans don’t give a damn about Indian PM.

The same intellectual friends are relentlessly believing a Western media propaganda of showing ‘rape culture’ of India. Shouldn’t they wonder why a PM of the fastest growing economy is no news and a rape finds coverage in the primetime news?

No, you won’t. Because it is easy to be called an intellectual in India. A bit of bashing your own country not because there are issues but because a BBC or CNN shows our ‘shame’. It is a sickness which hides under the mock name of fashion.

USA leads the world, not only in percentage but in sheer numbers, in the rape cases even when India’s population is four times that of the US. Then you have South Africa and Sweden and several European nations. India is very very low in relative numbers on that chart. But would you care? No. Because your mumma’s boobs would start to sag! Oh yeah…

Cultures that expanded with the fundamentals of loot and rape, Christianity and Islam, are questioning Indian, or Hindu culture, of being regressive. And how Indian culture is regressive? Supposedly because we don’t have pre-marital sex… Because we don’t have seven live-in affairs before a marriage which generally fails.

In a culture where family is merely a word rather than a flourishing institution and where marriages are falling apart, multiple partners for sex and independence in that regard is the prime or core philosophy. In a culture where two-three marriages are normal and a 25-year anniversary is looked as if the eighth wonder, they subconsciously long for families. Families which mean raising their grandchildren when their children are busy managing homes. That ‘family’ remains inexplicable to the decaying West which is still a norm in Indian societies.

Why do I have such scorn for them? First, they colonised us to grow as economies and second, they are trying to invade with their cultural imperialist propaganda to sell products and services that their markets are saturated with in the name if bring modern. Another reason is that the race of barbarians till fourteenth century who couldn’t even speak a language are dictating East on how to live life.

What irritates me more is that a large section of Indians have lost their sense of pride in their own culture because any shit that is from West smells great. That intellectual lot takes pride in considering themselves the third world citizens not realising that even being the ‘third world’ is a product of Western ignorance and arrogance that it was only them that existed.

So dear intellectuals, stop drinking powdered milk in a bottle with a rubber nipple because that is not natural as is not shitting on a commode or wiping off shit with paper. Go suck your mumma’s boobs before it runs dry.


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