In support of Yulin Festival

I don’t understand the logic behind the cry for banning the dog meat eating Yulin Festival in China. People should eat what they feel like and what they can digest.

Has anyone raised a voice on banning specifically beef, lamb and poultry in the West? Why should the Chinese not eat dogs? Just because they have a festival, and suddenly Facebook has been spammed with it, the Chinese should stop eating it?

What about banning turkey during Thanksgiving? Haven’t seen a single post regarding it. 

Every culture and nation has its own identity which includes what they wear, eat and celebrate. We shouldn’t force our beliefs system on them just because we have thumbs to type it on Facebook or Internet. 

Going vegan is a choice that you can make on personal level. When you eat milk products or drink milk at home that is also unethical as that milk is not for you. The logic that cows give milk in abundance is ridiculous. Try milking your mother and selling the milk, you will know how much milk mothers produce for babies.

It is just survival. It is human anarchy. I eat meat because I like and I can. You can’t judge me for that because I am not exploiting you. Whether I am humane or not, it is none of your business unless I am hurting you directly.

One might have issues with what I wear. A whole nation has issues with bearded men, should they cease to exist? Some day some people will ask us to stop eating plants. And why not. Just because they can’t speak, we apply all kinds of minerals, salts and chemicals to eat as we please.

No one should decide what one should eat unless the other is stealing his food. If one can buy, cook and eat and it is legal for him/her/them in that land, there is no issue in that.

I would not oppose Chinese people in the Yulin Festival eating dog meat in the same way as I don’t oppose more than half of the humanity eating beef even when the cow is of religious significance for me.


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