Available to order: American ‘white dictionary’

  In childhood, the moral education book had a chapter about a Brahmin who would ask people from other caste to offer a cat (to God through him) made of solid gold if he or she happens to kill a cat, even by accident. As fate would have it, his son killed a cat one day. People questioned him how to rid his son of the sin of killing the cat. The Brahmin had a superb idea: a Brahmin’s son is immune to the sin of killing the cat.

A bearded man, brown man, black man (anyone who doesn’t appear white is a terrorist even if he is just trying to steal food. 

But when a white man shoots down, stabs, bombs or sprays bullets on a crowd of nonwhites, he will be called a ‘mentally ill’ guy indulging in ‘hate crime’. Never in recent history any of the American white man (indulging in terrorist acts) has been tried as a terrorist. He is let off as a mentally ill person with state choosing not to appeal or press serious charges.

All the ‘melting pot’ theories appear a concocted bullshit just to save the face of white people resulting out of the ‘white man’s burden’ argument. The simple fact is we are all humans. The chances of being a terrorist or a criminal are equal for white and nonwhite people.

In a land, snatched from the natural inhabitants who were either killed or driven away, a hatred resulting out of common feeling of ‘our land’ being ‘polluted’ by the nonwhites is completely misplaced and illogical. America is no one’s and everyone’s. If your government and people don’t want nonwhites, ban them. Don’t call them in ‘your land’. 

Trying to be called the most modern and rational, and at the same time saving killers and terrorists just because he has white skin, shows how farcical your democracy, justice system and media is. 

May be, the prejudiced America media, state and justice department should look up the word ‘killer’ in some dictionary. The one who kills is a killer. The one who terrorises people with one’s acts is a terrorist. 

Or, as it appears, the state, media and justice department in America have a ‘white dictionary’ where killer is the one who is nonwhite in appearance and kills. Terrorist in the ‘white dictionary’ is a nonwhite man who terrorises people. 


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