What if Internet is made free and available to every Indian?

As you all would have heard, few people control what we think through their ownership of media. The media in India, and around the world, is nothing but a kind of oligarchy which, being the veil of ‘serving’ the society, works tirelessly to work for the agenda of the ruling parties. 

Internet, however, has emerged as a new, liberated and almost free medium. By ‘almost’ free, I mean not all have an access to it. Access can be limited by financial problems, illiteracy, infrastructure (charging, signal strength) and social issues (like colleges and panchayats banning phones). 

In the case of free internet on every phone, it will unleash an era of democratisation of information. By the term democratisation of information, I mean to state that information exchange would be truly for the people, by the people and of the people. 

Media channels will have less viewership as new content, even in the news segment will be easily available. This will be helpful to government as well as other organisations in reaching out to people to device policies. It will also unleash an era of new way of learning. IIN might well become a reality and people will actually be benefitted by learning musical instruments, taking classes, running blogs on food recipes etc.

At the same time, it might be used to wrest public opinion by the neo-liberals and people who are opinion leaders exercising the medium for anarchist deeds. The problem is, when you rely on something people take note. Just think the dangers of hidden Honey Singhs making ‘aaja choos mera’ songs reaching every device. Teenagers engaging in watching porn and masturbating all the time!

Internet is free but simultaneously dark. One can’t possibly say much seeing societies of America and Britain having internet on all the devices. Public protests are mostly limited to social media campaigns. At the end, we all end up playing in the hands of the giants. When everyone becomes creator, the creation quality will dip for sure.

Again, it will be on the humans who are using the internet on what to see, what to unlock and what to take away. It will again be a power game, with our thinking structured around a few websites, people or virtual realities.


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