Pseudo-feminists’ fixation with sex and female liberation

I don’t quite understand how infidelity, kissing in open, having multiple divorces are ‘liberation’, ’empowerment’ and ’emancipation’ for women in India.

I don’t quite get how the ‘failed, fragmented family and marriage system’ (yes I am using article ‘the’ and generalising) of West is looked upon as something divine and universal truth that must be accepted and followed in Indian society!Trust, love and care for each other are the ingredients of a better society. Family system for humans is not like dogs that breed in a season and forget their young ones. It is not like abandoning your parents when you get married and take appointments for dinner!

Freedom of choosing sex partners is not liberation or emancipation. It is just satisfying your sexual desires. As someone has a desire of having lot of sex, similarly someone wants to kill someone. If sex is liberating for one, massacre is liberating to the other.

Having a control on your desires (of any kind food, sex, thoughts, money etc) is how you don’t disturb others. If you want to have sex, a lot of it, to feel empowered, don’t get married. Don’t take vows in front of priests. 

When you get married, you enter in to a pact of trust. When you are an adult taking vows, you should think it out whether or not you are capable to contain your various desires.

This is not liberation. When a man cheats, he is not empowered. He is just a pathetic person who doesn’t know how to respect trust. 

Women liberation in India isn’t in shackles just because of our females didn’t have at least this number of sex partners. No. There are multiple problems. First one is denial of education. Others are financial dependence, stereotyping of the female gender, social position where their voice is suppressed.

Having sex outside marriage or kissing in public wouldn’t make them educated, financially independent or be heard on a public forum. 

These are trivial issues. Yes, dear pseudo-feminists, kissing in public and having multiple sex partners are trivial issues and a pathetic attempt to attach everything regarding betterment to having lots of sex.

Our society, prior to Mughals and British, was quite liberated. Women actually got educated, had a higher place in society than males (not just symbolic glorification), were trained in war craft.

Purdah system (mother of all kind of backwardness to our women) and illiteracy (of whole India) were the gifts of Mughals and British.

So exactly, kissing in public and sleeping with a guy you met at the bar is not liberation. That is just a way to satisfy your libido. Any kind of sexual act is very much intimate thing. Our society didn’t have that for centuries so we are not comfortable with it. May be someday we would. 

But that will be just a step towards social evolution, not female liberation. Don’t confuse everything to liberation. Had kissing in public liberated people, West would have been liberated. They wouldn’t be constantly running towards raising wars, earning lot of money, fighting racism, terrorism and disintegration of society. 

Yes, West isn’t liberated neither are we. Just look up the dictionary and evaluate.


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