Yakub Memon hanging: Dear intellectuals, you may have big words but…

The intelligentsia has once again started to sing a faint chorus regarding ‘miscarriage of justice’ in the case of hanging of Yakub Memon.

The rationale given is he is from a religious minority. Is he? He is from the second largest religious majority.

Logic provided is that he did ‘unwittingly’ facilitate the logistics and conspiracy of Mumbai blasts. There is no unwitting accused for the law as law follows the maxim ‘ignorance of law is no excuse’. How come someone be unwitting to facilitate carrying of bombs and such materials?

Because we couldn’t catch ‘real culprits’ so we are hanging him! Really? The whole legal and judicial system is proving his culpability but you, having your own system, believe he hasn’t done any harm and that the justice system is wrong. He is the co-accused in a crime that killed over 300.

If someone hasn’t been caught that doesn’t mean someone who has been caught is innocent. What ridiculous logic is that? It appears as if inability to catch all the accused of all the riots till date should somehow be compensated by releasing all those who have been caught and handed sentences. 

These murderers (as the court has pronounced) are clubbed with the maoists and are seen with the human rights glasses. However, these intellectuals totally forget that those killed in the bombings, ambushes (in far greater numbers) too enjoy the human rights and they too have families and some of them too belong to same minority of Dalits and Muslims.

Another logic is he gave the evidences that brought Pakistan’s role in picture and cooperated with the judicial and legal processes. The courts couldn’t take a risk of curtailing his sentence because it might not have been convinced. This might be a ploy of our security agencies to get him to India and know who all were involved. That’s the way agencies work to extract information. Someone kills 300 people and our security agencies can’t even use their strategy! Who are these intellectual to have their own parallel judicial system claiming to know more than the Supreme Court? 

Whether it was a revenge act rising out of his personal material loss or an act of unwitting cooperation, that doesn’t make the crime any soft. Those who were killed, whether in riots or bombings, won’t return even if all the conspirators are found at once. 

This is idiotic to think this is miscarriage of justice just because it doesn’t satiate your academic brilliance of stating things with fluent words, big words that cleverly see one’s human rights and ignoring that of those who were massacred. 

In other nations, they aren’t given this long trial time. It is said to an ‘open and shut’ case where the national security is involved. Here, we give them every possible legal recourse, every single process that is available to a citizen even to those who are foreign nationals. 

The truth has long been twisted that people from religious minorities are suppressed in India. No. Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Parsis, Buddhists are religious minorities. Muslims are minority just for voting purposes. They are the second largest people in the nation with second largest Muslim population anywhere on earth. How can they be a minority?

It becomes very convenient for these bespectacled intellectuals to club Muslims with Dalits to make the criminal stats look heavily tilted in their favour. Why would you club the Hindus with Muslims just to prove your point? Dalits are Hindus and they aren’t minority either. Being from a minority doesn’t make anyone less of a criminal or murderer.

So stop playing this card. Yakub Memon isn’t being hanged because he is a Muslim, he is being hanged because he was involved in the brutal bombings that killed over 300. Muslims will be relieved that a person who would bring a bad name to the faith is gone for good.


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