Congrats Anshu Gupta and Goonj team for Ramon Magsaysay Award

Founder of NGO Goonj, Anshu Gupta, who still strives to make death in winters a natural calamity and works to provide clothes to the needy in a dignified way has been nominated for prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award.

I had a chance to see how his NGO works and listen to him while at Goonj campus. NGOs have become more a fashion and status statement for many people and a source of earning funds. In this filth, Anshu Gupta has his own way of functioning.You won’t ever see his banners during relief works at various sites. Nor will you find a bus with such materials marked with the NGO name. Many of you might not have even heard of it.

His ways are very simple. You can donate used clothes and various other items at his NGO or collection centres. The NGO mainly works with clothes, they wash and process them to find which is still in condition to be worn and which are to be recycled in to various clothes based items such as mobile pouch, laptop bags, normal bags and so on.

It is not that Goonj goes to some place and gives clothes for free. No. Because the basic principle here is to not let the person accepting the clothes feel as if he is a beggar. Instead, they ask the community to work for itself that might range from repairing a road or mending a bridge, sewage etc and then reward the needy with clothes as an earned pay.

This understanding of the human dignity makes Anshu Gupta and his team, his wife and many volunteers, stand apart from others. They care for what a person in need has to go through before accepting something for free.

If only all the NGO start working on these lines and not for misusing the funds, India would be a better place for its citizens.

Congrats Anshu Gupta and his team.


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