Absurdity of protest at FTII and hilarious logics

If you somehow believe being an alumnus of an institute like IIT, IIM or FTII makes your opinion the Truth and brings more credibility to your argument, to me it qualifies as ludicrous.
A logic that as films need collaborative efforts of artists, spot boys, lighting, set designers etc to make it and so they should be given ‘infinite time’ to execute is outrightly absurd.

Because I know how a movie is made. I know how a book is written. I also know how paddy is grown in field and how many steps are there when you want to reap wheat. 

Does that gives me license to overstay at an institute? Does this not mean you are incapable of executing a project in given time and inefficient at management of time and resources.

When my father sets out to sow wheat, he needs to know the condition of the soil, need of fertilisers, need of natural or pump water, number of labourers. He needs to plan for anything that doesn’t go his way like rain, shortage of labour.

Does my father has a luxury of saying, “Oh there are no rains, what do I do?” No, he doesn’t. He would rather try to make the most of it by procuring pumped water. He can’t say, I will wait for three more seasons.

Similarly, I can’t claim if I get less marks in my graduation or fail to submit my project, that I should be given three more years because I couldn’t read! 

You choose to go to an institute, you know the shortage of infrastructure, you know the quality of teachers and collaborators when you set out to make a project.

So crying about infrastructure when you are morally, ethically and even legally not welcomed for your overstay, is just a silly excuse. No education or work is less complex than another and please don’t try to rationalise it because you make films and someone grows wheat.

PS: Google these people with respect to FTII: Adoor Gopalakrihsnan, John Shankarmanglam, Mohan Agashe, Shyam Benegal, UR Ananthamurthy (a literature personality), Saeed Mirza 


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