Helen Carmina’s photo: Can one mother be lesser than other?

Helen Carmina Photography
Mother’s image from Helen Carmina Photography

One of the regrets that I have as a male is that I won’t ever be a mother. At most, I will be a person who had sex and, in process, released some million sperms out of which one got lucky enough to fertilise an egg inside a female body.

Fathering a child is nowhere closer to mothering one. Parenting is a different thing. I can be a better parent than my partner or wife. I mean, there is a chance. But motherhood and the whole process of developing a whole body out of an infinitesimal part of a drop of liquid meeting a tiny fragile ball, is akin to Big Bang theory. Big Bang states that when the whole universe was so dense and all the mass it has was squeezed inside the size of an atom, and then it started to expand and become what it is today.

The whole process of creation of universe goes inside the womb of a mother which nurtures that fragile ball developing it in to a baby. Scientifically, the universe is constituted by hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen (apart from other elements in relatively minute quantity). Compare that to human body, we are made of water (hydrogen and oxygen), carbon and nitrogen in same descending quantities as that in universe. Helium being inert and useless, it is absent in human body.

So, we are a (in a way) representation of universe. And this replica is created inside a womb. How about that?

Coming to the image shared here. This was shot by a photographer Helen Carmina to raise awareness about C-Section. In a simpler way, C-Section is a method of giving birth by cutting the body of mother as natural birth is not possible due to various reasons.

She shared this image of a newborn resting on mother’s naked thighs. The abdomen has a long cut that helped a baby spring to life from one universe to another.

Does that mark, that surgery, make her a less woman or a lesser mother than the one who gave birth through the birth canal?

This question itself is ridiculous. How can creating a life be lesser for one than other! This whole idea is absurd. Some people criticised the photographer for the nude image. Some moron reported it to Facebook, however, Facebook did good not to remove it.

Is the image vulgar? I don’t find so. It is one of the most beautiful images that one can ever see. If you have a brain that is functioning properly you would be able to see the calm and beauty of creation. It is godly.

Science has evolved to find ways to deliver babies and save complications. At times women give birth in weirdest and dangerous circumstances. Recently, a lady gave birth in a car and delivered herself as her husband was driving. I have seen a lady giving birth while in a vegetable market.

Some choose to opt for in-water delivery. Most births are natural but due to our lifestyle and body’s abilities, we have to choose other options. C-Section is just another way to bring a baby in to life. It is no lesser. Motherhood isn’t about how you give birth, rather how you raise the baby inside and outside your womb.

Thanks Helen Carmina for the image.


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