Media shaming males: It’s never enough

I hope, if not all, some of you have seen/heard about a guy on an Enfield motorcycle being termed as ‘pervert’ on social media as well as yelling channels like Times Now.
This all naming and shaming is just because a girl named Jasleen Kaur decided to put the image with herself being the victim on, first, Twitter and then on Facebook. None of the media/social media cared enough to know what actually happened and whether whatever the girl is stating has even an iota of truth in it.

First, that image doesn’t prove anything. Second, the girl is not the one to take the image (as she claims) because the image first popped up on Twitter almost half an our before she started playing the victim card. 

She made the image hers, tweeted to Kejriwal and from there it became viral and no one cared to know the real story. 

Suddenly, the guy who isn’t seen making any obscene gesture in the image is being termed as ‘pervert’ and quotes are being attributed to him about how big he is and what he will do etc.

I pity those of you who are heavily prejudiced regarding every male being a pervert. I pity those of you who don’t exercise your brains to find the truth or even wait for it because not all that media claims is right.

It has happened in the past where these stories, always speaking one side based on some image or videos allegedly taken by a ‘victim’ girl, have been proved wrong. I hope you all remember the ‘Rohtak braveheart girls’.

These media houses don’t even think twice before not only doing biased reporting but handing out judgement. On the top of it they incite people to ‘name and shame!’ And a whole bunch of you and me goes nuts over it and rips apart people, who are actual victims, on the basis of an image.

Don’t do this. Apply your brain. Know the truth. Or, the least, wait till things become clear.


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