Quran predates Mohammed: Do we need such theories?

While on Twitter, I got this link which claims to have found two chapters of Quran that pre-dates Mohammed. Muslims believe that Quran was a divine creation that came to Mohammed in form of ‘Sura’ in his life time which was compiled as the holy book.

This discovery, as with several others targeting almost all religions but Christianity with presumptive ‘academic researches’, tries to ‘shake the roots of Islam’ and goes on to say that Mohammed might have shaped the Quran based on these writings to suit his ‘political and theological agenda’.

What does that mean? This means insult to a belief system based on, may be, inconclusive discovery that has two chapters written on animal skin in ink that are similar to that in Quran. 

When in 1753, the city of Lisbon (one of the holiest sites of Christianity in those times) was rattled by an 8.5 intensity earthquake (followed by huge fires and a tsunami) on one of the holiest days in Christianity, the All Saints Day, killing 100,000 in the city of Lisbon itself, people started to question God. Especially the Christian God was questioned for the first time.

All I say, proof of God is inconclusive and no one can for certain say it exists or it doesn’t. I have developed a sense of deep hatred for Western academics who always, without fail, keep propagating theories that suit their beliefs and denounce those of others. They have done the same with Indology with creation of the myth of the Aryans and trying to write ‘research papers’ relating Hinduism to just sex, perversion and discrimination.

Their Muslim love is known to the world. Attacking nations in the name of humanitarian crisis whereas cleverly sitting idle, doing nothing for the cancer of ISIS just because there is no oil to be taken or they want to destabilise Syria and Iran. 

Whether or not Quran existed before Mohammed, shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. What matters is what it teaches. What matters is how many people draw their strength and faith from it and how much damage to humanity would be caused if such ‘theories’, even right, are propagated just to prove a point. 

Religion is completely based on strong belief. What was the need of New Testament when the only known text to Jesus was the Old Testament which he termed as the Word of God?

The science of academics must be used for the betterment of humanity, even at the cost of sacrificing a truth that has potential to cause damage to humanity. I don’t see the use of such research papers that aim to shake the roots of a religion. I don’t understand the need of such knowledge that can have devastating effect on a belief system that has existed for centuries. I don’t understand how can some people conclude something with the help of technology when they often wonder aliens might have created the pyramids just because they can’t come to terms with the fact that our ancestors might have better knowledge and technology at their disposal.

I believe, we must not misuse the tools of knowledge to disrupt the peace on earth when we are already finding it difficult to buy vegetables living in constant fear of our death in a bomb blast on street without any fault of ours. 

Read the news article here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/601993/Birmingham-Koran-discovery-older-than-Prophet-Muhammad 


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