Is there a Facebook filter for Naxal killings?

In an age where every massacre, especially the non-Muslim, White and European ones, has been reduced to a mockery of human emotions via Twitter hashtags, Facebook filters and black dot DPs, there is no one crying over the death of seven CRPF jawans killed by naxalites in infamous Dantewada. 
The news is: Seven personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force or CRPF were killed after the vehicle they were travelling in was blown away by a landmine blast triggered by the Maoists in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada.

Just imagine, had it been just one naxalite, not even being killed but just jailed, there would be debates, newfound intellectual masturbation in universities citing freedom of expression which might encompass expression in form of bullets and land mines, and of course how the ‘state machinery’ is cracking down with dissent. 

I wouldn’t go on length telling you about what do these massacres mean or stand for. For me it is very simple: no one has any right to murder anyone, there can never be a proper reason for it. 

The logic that state has forced them to pick arms and kill is as absurd as saying my grandpa never existed because I never saw him. 

There is no ideology left in the Left. Ideology has been reduced to ridiculing each other and it applies to all parties and all leaders, right from PM Modi to Yechuri and co. From Right to Left, there is mere name calling and the same discourse of binaries is prevailing in the popular culture as well where one question is defeated by another question, there are no answers.

Coming back to the menace of naxalism, these deaths executed by Naxals or Maosist have become common. So much so that no one cares. Not even the Naxals care what purpose will they achieve by doing this all. In a state such as ours, it won’t take more than a day to wipe them out for this menace, but that’s the tolerance level of government after government that they are surviving. 

How can someone justify land mines? How can someone justify killing security personnel to send a message to government? What ideology dictates these terms? Unless you are funded and fed by forces that attempt to break India, there is no other logic. 
State has been trying to reach out, but this has continued. Given the absurdity that drives today’s discourse, no wonder this news will be lost in some corner of newspaper with no human rights group or main stream media showing the poor mother, father or wife of the jawans crying their hearts out.

Of course, it isn’t as glamorous as the tears of Kanhaiya’s mother or his legendary speeches at the stroke of midnight where he shared jokes and a group of budding pseudo-intellectuals wept in ecstasy. 

Yes, sadly, #CRPF jawan’s death has never been glamorous, it will never be. They don’t have human rights


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