Kanhaiya Kumar: A disgusting face of neo-communists 

Yesterday, someone asked me why was Kanhaiya Kumar trending. I had no idea. In the morning I read his tweet that was tweeted from an iPhone about someone strangulating him on an airplane. This is the perfect example of how the talk about poor and poverty has been trivialised to ridiculous proportions.

Later Mumbai Police refuted his arguments, as did his co-passengers that it was just a minor scuffle over a TCS employee tripping over and touching his shoulder. No one, apart from Kanhaiya said he was strangulated.

Anyway, apart from the two views, one that of him being assaulted and another that it was just a cheap stunt (a la Kejriwal, when out of news get slapped, attacked etc), the main issue of discussion should be something else i.e. why it happens to him. Is he really that hated/important?

I don’t have any issues seeing someone travel in a plane. I have no issues seeing a farmer’s son using an iPhone, for the fact that I am a farmer’s son who is in a position to use iPhone, iPad, iPod etc which are really expensive. I get delighted to see someone using such devices and traveling on a plane. It shows that you have come a long way.

My father still has a bullock cart which he uses to get cattle fodder from far off fields. At the same time, he does admire an iPad when he sees glorious photos. Also, he is appalled and goes nuts when he hears the price. I hope even Kanhaiya’s father, who came to visit him in a Fortuner would marvel at the fact that his son has made it good to use an iPhone atop a plane. Also, his mother who earns a meagre 3000, less than what the plane ticket costs for a one way ticket to Pune, admire that her son travels multiple times a month on planes.

The question is not ‘who is Kanhaiya’, as he has somehow become an entity from a mere human being. I agree to all his supposedly progressive talks about poor, illiterate and unemployed. He is neither the first one to raise his voice, not would he be the last.

The question is, ‘What is Kanhaiya?’

Kanhaiya is the disgusting face of neo-communists which revels in a high end restaurant, travels in air, uses the costliest smartphone, puts on a great leather jacket with his soles cushioned by some good quality sports shoes and then convincingly yells about poverty, ideology, literacy and what not.

Why this dualism? I have no issues with anyone dressing up in costly clothes and travelling in air, tweeting from an iPhone, but the moment you try to recite a self-composed poem in the plight of a rikshawallah from Bihar, I feel like peeing on this filth producing outlook.

There is an uncanny similarity between him, in whose presence azaadi for Kerala and Kashmir was demanded along with ‘barbadi’ of India, and Delhi CM Kejriwal who, among several others, chose to sideline the main issue and yelled in chorus about Freedom of Expression.

The latter would get slapped, inked, egged etc when he would be out of picture from media. During election times, it would be a regular affair and the attacker would, in most of the cases, be traced to be either a current AAP member or an ex.

Kanhaiya is doing his best to be in media. The only thing he doesn’t realise is that he was tried to be made a big thing, almost equated to Nehru, when he gave a ‘thundering’ speech at ‘midnight’ in presence of several media channels, but it was not to be.

The whole pseudo-intellectual lobby was with him, praising every ‘fifth-grader kind of one liners’ he spoke. His whole speech lacks depth as well as real character when you listen to it. It just incited a few laughters and cries of ‘shame-shame’ in a university which is perhaps losing its charm and intellect due to these shallow doles.

Kanhaiya is trying hard to be in the news. He had no Twitter account before his infamous ‘Bharat ki barbadi’ arrest. He needed one to be in news. Now every tweet he makes is tracked by media as he uses it proficiently.

So, when someone trips and touches him, it becomes strangulation by a BJP guy. Isn’t it the same as Kejriwal, who blames every attack to BJP as if the person who does that comes with a four-foot ID card strapped to the face which says he/she is from BJP. Or, maybe he has some supernatural powers. Who knows!

Kanhaiya Kumar is a gone thing. The sold out media had too much expectations from him, which he only partially fulfilled. So, even papers like Indian Express publish the Mumbai police version that Kanhaiya Kumar was lying. Besides, IPL is on and for some weird reasons mainstream media is actually debating some issues like water.

I wonder how much pain it would have caused to Indian Express, NDTV, Huffington Post etc to publish this report which they could have easily played down or rephrased as ‘Modi’s Mumbai Police refuses to believe Dalit Icon Kanhaiya Kumar in airplane strangulation case’.


2 thoughts on “Kanhaiya Kumar: A disgusting face of neo-communists 

    1. The thing is, he is not even sticking to what left does or should do. He is indulging in glamour of being in news, which Left doesn’t actually believe in. Besides, he has this pathetic speeches where it is all shallow words and no actual reasoning.

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