Who are you waiting for to ask you to think?

In the last few days, we saw two deaths. One was a girl raped with unheard brutalities in Kerala, and another a boy shot dead in Bihar for overtaking the vehicle of an MLC’s son. What exactly happened afterwards is more serious than the crime itself.

Martin Luther King had once said that the silence of good people is far worse than the wrongdoings or the bad things happening in the society.

A generation that thrives on with Facebook profile images, filters, black dot DPs, doesn’t even take notice of a rape where the girl’s intestines were pulled outside her body. People don’t even notice the fact that if a boy’s body is delivered to a mother on Mother’s Day after being shot for overtaking a car.

This silence is weird. This silence speaks a lot about what kind of opinion you are soaking in to. This reveals the gut of a society that is insensitive, callous and choosy when it comes to tragic incidents. The younger lot doesn’t strive to look for news, rather it just consumes what is thrown.

Don’t expect Kejriwals, Rahuls, Modis, Yechuris to express rage and concerns. Their rage is always political. Their concerns are always fake. Their candles burn on the wax of convenience and a socially-detached phenomenon called ‘politics’.

Politics, what a dirty word has it become that once was equated with social welfare!

Why are you becoming political in those ways? Where are your concerns? Why don’t you raise questions? Who do you fear? Who are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for Kejriwal’s team to send you a Whatsapp message that this needs to be your strategy? Are you waiting for some internet troll sitting in a room working for Modi to let you know what hashtag to trend? Are you waiting on a Kejriwal to think for you, who, verily, can’t think for himself?

This is absurd. Absurd in various ways. Can you even imagine an image where a girl’ gut is pulled outside her body?

What kind of a social circle have you limited yourselves in to? Your opinion is driven by trending news that is ‘decided’ by a bunch of profit-minded people sitting in Facebook and Twitter headquarters. You are not even sure what you should be thinking.

You have lost the ability to think rationally. You don’t know what should hit and punch you. You are devoid of making your rationale drive you to some definitive conclusion or even show remorse for something as ghastly as a kid being kind for overtaking a bike.

Don’t do that. Internet is internet, not a digital brain to replace your ability to think. It has too much to offer but it can’t take decisions for you. Similarly, don’t allow morons like Kejriwal and his trolls decide the course of action (which includes your thoughts) in the shape of some status message that you are asked to share to ‘weaken’ his, and not yours, opponents.

Don’t allow these people to take control of you. Don’t be hate-mongers for a political outfit. Do something good for, and with, yourselves. Start thinking for your own good, lest the society go to dogs where your children will be born and raised.


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