How I see Syrian refugee crisis and ISIS

In India, perhaps one of the few countries in the world, governments have, in very subtle ways, made sure farming sector suffers. This was done to ensure a proper labour flow to sustain the rise in manufacturing and infrastructure sector. With over 70% or population engaged in agriculture and rest in various services and jobs, it was a ploy to plug the labour issue to force the ‘loss making’ agriculture sector to migrate to big cities in search of survival.

When it comes to survival, you tend to grab anything that pays as a bird in hand is better than two in bush. So, you see flyovers being constructed with help of farming sector labours, who would otherwise be working in fields.

Now see the crisis in Syria. With Syria, see the crisis of labour in the developed economies where minimum wages make it financially tough for companies to recruit local talent. For a motor company in US it would be cheaper if they manufacture parts in some other part of world where it is cheaper.

There have been continuing protests in the US over job outsourcing and they want governments to take a stand on companies sourcing the jobs to developing economies where labour and manufacturing is cheap.

Any private company will always look to maximise profits. If they have to manufacture everything in the US, they will have to pay minimum wages to them whereas a worker in Indian or Chinese factory would do the same job for one tenth of US daily pay. At the same time the costs will rise, affecting the sales and profit margin for which anyone does a business.


Do you really think US can’t wipe the menace of ISIS and put an end to the Syrian crisis? The custodians of ‘humanity’ have crippled Iraq and Afghanistan at their will and ravaged them in one go. For them striking ISIS is matter of days. When Putin does that sitting pretty in Moscow and targets ISIS camps at will, US goes nuts!

Why? Is this mere the politics of multi-polar world and a threat to US monopoly over ‘humanitarian crises’?

As Syrian crisis is ‘allowed’ to worsen, the refugees will keep coming to the shores of developed economies facing recession and labour crises amid government regulations. These will be refugees and not citizens. Citizens need to be paid minimum wages.

Refugees will take any job for any money. There won’t be any legal clause of ‘minimum wages’ stopping these companies to employ the refugees for the jobs that require not much of skill. For even jobs like flexing a wrench to tighten some nuts and screws, there is this minimum wage.

This may very well be one cause, why US fighter planes don’t hover over ISIS bases. This may very well be the cause why US arms are being given to anyone who calls himself a rebel, which in turn reaches ISIS for a meagre amount of money.

There is much more to Syrian crisis than what meets the eye. That’s exactly how market forces create such crises and allow them to exist even when it can be crushed with less collateral damage seeing the larger picture of hundreds being killed every day in the name of an idiotic ideology of caliphate. How Taliban was created and why was it allowed to breed, everybody knows now.

ISIS will exist like this. Markets govern governments. Money is the prime mover.


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