When the lube of hypocrisy is used to sodomise art

It’s a dead society that can not stand with its artistes and art. Science makes tangible things that help us make our lives easier, whereas art keeps you alive. Art has the ability to shake your conscience while staring in your face and questioning your hypocrisy.

A work of art, be it a painting, song, photograph, film or literature, not only speaks about the present of humanity but also nudges you to behave and correct your self. It has the ability to tell you what’s wrong and why it needs to be corrected.

If we keep banning works of art, we will be a stagnating society rotting in the filth of our own screwed projection of our whimsical minds where everything is rosy when we know it’s not.

Our country has had a history of bans. Our country has a special kind of humans who get hurt every now and then. Our country doesn’t stop glorifying itself about how modern it was in the past, at the same time it doesn’t have the guts to face the realities of today that plagues its people and societies.

Banning a film on drug addiction on the pretext of ‘it doesn’t exist’ is ludicrous! If it doesn’t exist, treat it as such and be happy that it doesn’t and let film take a beating from the audience. Banning it won’t end the problem of drugs from the state. Who are the parties fooling by saying Punjab doesn’t have drug issues? It is like saying that there are no murders and extortions happening in Bihar, my home state!

And even if the problem is universal, it exists everywhere, why ban a film on it? The purpose of art is to enhance the collective understanding of a society that might not realise the issue at individual level. We have cartoonists, satirists, authors, painters who tell stories of what’s good and what’s bad in your lives.

Do you seriously think we should only watch Salman’s ‘I don’t give a damn about Haryanvi’ tongue in Sultan! Do you seriously believe that we as a society must only watch Shah Rukh Khan extending his arms in every damn films in same way! Do you seriously think that only good story is a love triangle involving Akshay Kumar?

If yes, you have no business being alive, you are an idiot. You can be neutral on the pretext of not knowing the issue but how can you support this ban on Udta Punjab! Why do we even have such idiots at censor boards? It is horrifying to see that a public that rages on from price of pulses to black money, is unaware of the harms of banning works of art. It is as if banning a film amounts to nothing!

Grow up morons and speak up. If this be the situation, all you will be left with would be the videos of two years of Modi, sixty years of Congress. It’s not as simple as it seems.

You need to realise that this culture of bans, pioneered by Britishers, nurtured by Congress and being watered by BJP, will cramp the art so much that it will eventually die or commit suicide.

And, if the art dies in a society, that society is effectively dead.


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